Error "Create instance failed" when loading n-Tier NVO Web applications

When loading a deployed Web application that uses n-Tier NVOs the following error might be displayed "Create instance failed".

Cause: If the Web application relies on n-Tier NVOs that are deployed to Appeon Server, the Web application will not be able to load if the instance of the NVO cannot be created successfully. A "create instance failed" error caused by the EAServer package being incorrectly installed will be displayed.

Solution: Follow the steps below to fix the problem (taking Appeon Code Examples as an example).

Step 1: In EAServer Manager, check whether the AppeonCodeExamples package exists in the Packages folder.

Step 2: In the PowerBuilder IDE, navigate to p_appeon_code_examples_server_deploy in appeon_code_examples_server.pbl. View Properties of the EAServer Component Generator Project.

Figure 48. p_appeon_code_example_server_deploy


Step 3: Verify that the EAServer connection settings in the Properties dialog for the p_appeon_code_examples_server_deploy object reflects the settings of the EAServer where you will deploy the n-Tier NVOs.

Step 4: Select Deploy () to deploy the EAServer package.

Step 5: In EAServer Manager, right click the EAServer package AppeonCodeExamples, and select "Generate Stubs/Skeletons" to generate Stubs and Skeletons for the NVO. Select Generate Java Files, Compile Java Stubs, and Compile Java Skeletons, and leave the other options at their default values.

Step 6: The Stub/Skeleton files generation progress is displayed. When it completes successfully, click OK to close the Code Generation status window.