Failed to deploy applications

You may encounter a deployment failure and an error occurred saying Failed to generate DWSQL in the Log of Deployment Wizard, as shown in the figure below.

Figure 27. Failed to deploy applications

Failed to deploy applications

Cause: This is probably caused by using an earlier PowerBuilder version.


Step 1: Upgrade your PowerBuilder to the latest PowerBuilder version. For example, if you are using a PowerBuilder 10.5, then upgrade it to the latest PowerBuilder 10.5 version.

Step 2: Test to ensure that the Database Connection in Appeon Developer Configuration > DB Type Profiles is successful.

Step 3: (Recommended) Full build your PowerBuilder application.

Step 4: Go to \%Developer%\Project\your_application\release or debug\dwsql\dwsql.log to get the last record, empty compiled this DataWindow in PowerBuilder (Add a character and delete this character in the edit source of PB).

Step 5: Deploy your application again.