Errors occur when calling n-Tier application of EAServer with 64-bit JDK

In the following environment: EAServer with 64-bit JDK + PB 11.5.1 Build 4011, when calling the n-tier application in PB, the ConnectToServer and CreateInstance functions return correct values, but when calling the NVO function, the following error occurs.

Error: CORBA System Exception: CORBA_UNKNOWN at line 19 in clicked event of object
 cb_1 of w_main.

When user runs the "N-Tier Support" feature in the Appeon Code Example demo, the following error occurs.

Error -1
Execute component failed. Error message = java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException.

Cause: PBVM and component do not support 64-bit Java server.

Solution: Uninstall Appeon Server and EAServer, then install EAServer with 32-bit JDK, and install the 32-bit version of Appeon for PowerBuilder. When installing EAServer, you will be offered to install JDK or use an existing local JDK. If you select to install JDK from EAServer, it will be a 32-bit JDK.