Feature analysis or deployment comes to a standstill

During Unsupported Feature Analysis or Task 2 of the Appeon Deployment Wizard, the user can see the "Start searching for related objects..." message normally displayed in the status window. However, the program does not proceed. The EonADT50.exe process is still running in the Windows Task Manager.

Cause: One or more of the Appeon Developer configuration files may have become corrupt.

Solution: Follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Step 1: End the EonADT50.exe process using Windows Task Manager.

Step 2: Delete all Appeon-generated application files on both the Appeon Developer machine and the Web Server.

  • On the Appeon Developer machine, delete all files in the directory: \Appeon\Developer2016\Project\ApplicationName.

  • On the Web Server, delete all files in the application's deployment path (specified in Appeon Developer Configuration > Application Profiles > ApplicationName > Application Profile Configuration > Basic Settings).

Step 3: Configure the Transaction Objects for the application in AEM Console > Application > Transactions > Transaction Objects.

Step 4: Run Feature Analysis or Appeon Deployment again.