Failed to manually download Appeon ActiveX

Failed to manually download Appeon ActiveX control and encounter the following web page:

Figure 45. Fail to download Appeon ActiveX

Fail to download Appeon ActiveX

Cause: The problem is only found in EAServer 5.x and WebLogic for Unix. One of the possible causes is the MSI extension is not mapping to a correct MIME type.

Solution: Map the MSI extension to application/octet-stream MIME Type in EAServer 5.x manager console or WebLogic

Taking EAServer 5.x as an example, you can add the MIME mapping:

1. Go to Servers > Jaguar >Installed Web Applications

2. Right click the EADefault and click the Property item

3. Add or Edit the MIME Type for MSI extension.

Figure 46. Add or edit MIME type

Add or edit MIME type