Failed to create new data sources

Failed to create a new data source in Sybase Management Console, typically prompted with the following error message "An error occurred while creating the new data source. Exception"

Cause: The JDBC driver configuration that you performed before the data source creation cannot automatically take effect if the EAServer is running as service.

Solution A: Use the foreground EAServer which runs in the console window.

Step 1: Stop the EAServer service from Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.

Step 2: Start the EAServer from the Start button or using command line.

Step 3: Configure the data source again.

Solution B: Reinstall the EAServer service to make the JDBC configuration take effect.

Step 1: Stop the EAServer service

Step 2: Uninstall the EAServer service. Change to the EAServer bin subdirectory, and run service [-servicename service] -remove command, substituting the service name for service. For example,

C:\Program Files\Sybase\EAServer\bin service -servicename EAServer -remove

Step 3: Install the EAServer service. Stay in the bin folder and run the following command line,and run service [-servicename service] -install command. For example,

C:\Program Files\Sybase\EAServer\bin service -servicename EAServer -install

Solution C: Manually configure the JDBC driver in the classpath parameter in winservice.ini file. Take configuring oracle JDBC driver as an example.

1. Go to Administrative Tools > Services.

2. Find your EAServer service and open the Properties window. You can find the service ini file path from Path to executable. For example,

""D:\Program Files\Sybase\EAServer6\bin\jsl.exe" -ini "D:\Program 

3. Open the INI file directory and add the path of the "ojdbc14.jar" file to the corresponding line. For example,

param15 = c:\eas\eas61014\bin\..\lib\eas-server-14.jar;c:\eas\eas61014