EAServer cannot be started after Appeon Server install

Cause: There are two sets of EAServer 6.1/6.2 installed; one EAServer was installed independently in the normal installation path, and the other was silently installed with Appeon Server installation.

Solution: It is recommended that you use the EAServer that was silently installed with Appeon Server.

Step 1: Open the setenv.bat file in the bin folder under the EAServer installation directory in a text editor and make sure JAGUAR_HOST_NAME in the file is the same as the computer name.

Step 2: Verify that EAServer is not started as a Service. If it is started as a service, stop it and change the starting mode to "Manual".

Step 3: If EAServer runs on Windows, start EAServer from Windows Start > Programs > Appeon for PowerBuilder 2016 > Appeon Server > InstanceName. If EAServer runs on UNIX, run the appeonserverstart.sh script in the $JAGUAR/appeon/bin directory.