Retrieved data does not display in DataWindows

While retrieving records for a DataWindow, items are not displayed on the Web.

Cause A: Appeon does not support overlapping controls in a DataWindow. Retrieved data in the DataWindow column might be covered by a control (for example, the Text control) even if this control is placed under the data field in PowerBuilder.

Solution A: Remove all controls overlapping the data field. Work around the original functionality with properties or functions.

Cause B: Appeon Server compresses the data file (.xml) to improve Web performance. Data in the DataWindow is not displayed if the compressed .xml file is not extracted successfully on the Client.

Solution B: Verify that the following property exists in %JAGUAR%\Repository\Server\Jaguar.props (Windows) or $JAGUAR/Repository/Server/Jaguar.props (UNIX):*,description=adescription of Test,filter-name=CustomAddHeadersFilter)

If the required property does not exist, the user needs to manually add it in Jaguar.props and restart EAServer.