"Create Session failed"

If you receive a "Create Session failed" error message and find a "SystemException: NO_PERMISSION" exception in the Jaguar.log, first read Cause A and Solution A which should rectify the problem; if not, please go to Cause B and Solution B.

Cause A: The error may occur if the OS authentication setting in EAServer is incorrect.

Solution A: Follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Step 1: Run EAServer and start EAServer Manager.

Step 2: Go to the Properties for the server in EAServer Manager.

Step 3: Set the property "com.sybase.jaguar.server.authservice" to false.

Step 4: Restart EAServer.

We suggest either keeping the property authentication disabled or correcting the OS authentication setting (referring to Getting Started in EAServer System Administration Guide).

Cause B: The error is caused by either an Internet Explorer/Client configuration problem or an Appeon Server configuration problem.

Solution B: Verify you are using a minimum of Internet Explorer 8.0. Upgrade to the latest version if necessary.

  • Internet Explorer/Client configuration

    The possible causes and solutions are listed in the following table. The most common cause for the Internet Explorer/Client configuration issue is item #1.

    Table 2. Internet Explorer configuration


    Possible Causes



    Internet Explorer security level is set too high.

    Go to Internet Options > Security in Internet Explorer, change the security level to the medium default-level for the Internet or Local intranet zone or Trusted Site, depending on where the Appeon Web application is deployed.


    Advanced Internet Options setting incompatibility.

    Go to Internet Options > Advanced in Internet Explorer, and click the Restore Defaults button to restore the default settings for the Advanced options.

    Note: Selecting Default Settings will remove the check from "Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections". This setting is required when the application is accessed through a proxy server.


    Some Client-side software, such as anti-virus software or a personal firewall, is preventing the required Web files from downloading.

    Disable suspected software and try again.

  • The most common causes for the Appeon Server configuration issue are items #1 and #2 in the following table.

    Table 3. Other configurations


    Possible Causes



    EAServer service needs to be reinstalled.

    Reinstall the EAServer service using this command: serverstart.bat -removeandinstall


    EAServer is being run in debug mode.

    Do not run EAServer in debug mode.


    AEM configuration files are corrupt.

    Please make sure the following files at %JAGUAR%\appeon\repository\%instancename%\config (Windows) or $JAGUAR/appeon/repository/$instancename$/config (UNIX) have not been corrupted. If any file is corrupt, reinstall Appeon Server to replace them.

    • aem-config.xml

    • aem-mapping.xml

    • applications-config.xml

    • mapping.xml

    • server-config.xml


    Software like an anti-virus program has interfered with the Appeon Server installation process.

    Uninstall Appeon Server. Verify all the prerequisites for Appeon Server installation (as listed in Installation Guide for Appeon for PowerBuilder) have been satisfied. Disable any software that may interfere with the installation. Reinstall Appeon Server.