Fail to ping appeondb data source

When pinging the appeondb data source, no connection is made.

Cause: Pinging appeondb fails because the data source is not configured correctly.

Solution: Follow these steps below to fix the problem.

Step 1: Verify that the Appeondb system DSN exists in the ODBC Data Source Administrator (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC)).

Figure 74. ODBC Data Source Administrator

ODBC Data Source Administrator

Select Configure to open the data source configuration window.

Figure 75. Configure data source

Configure data source

Note: AppeonServer.db applies an encrypted password. Test Connection on the ODBC tab will not be successful since the encrypted password is not available in Data Source Configuration.

Verify that the Appeondb data source configuration is the same as follows.

  • Verify the Appeondb Login (User ID: appeon; Password: empty).

    Figure 76. Configure user ID and password

    Configure user ID and password

  • Verify the Appeondb Database (Database file: the full path to %JAGUAR%\appeon\db\AppeonServer.db).

    Figure 77. Configure the database

    Configure the database

Step 2: Right-click the appeondb data source in EAServer Manager and select "Properties" to open the Connection Cache Properties window.

Figure 78. Select Properties

Select Properties

Verify the properties for the appeondb data source.

  • Verify the configuration on the General tab (Server Name: jdbc:odbc:AppeonDB; User Name: appeon). Make sure that the password keeps the default setting. If you have modified the Password, the appeondb data source will not work and you will have to reinstall Appeon Server to restore the default password.

    Figure 79. Configure general information

    Configure general information

  • Verify the configuration on the Driver tab. Select JDBC and specify the driver string as sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver.

    Figure 80. Configure Driver

    Configure Driver

Step 3: Right-click the appeondb data source in EAServer Manager and select "Ping" to test the database connection again.