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The list below outlines the key benefits of upgrading from your current version of PowerBuilder to PowerBuilder 2017 R3.  To understand what PowerBuilder new features and benefits you will gain, please jump to your version of PowerBuilder and scroll up.  We also recommend you familiarize yourself the product roadmap, especially the PowerBuilder 2019 version, which is scheduled to be released in Spring 2019.   

More Windows OS Choices

  • The PowerBuilder IDE is compatible with Windows 7-10; and
  • PowerBuilder projects are compatible with Windows 7-10 & Windows Server 2008-2016.

More Database Choices

Take advantage of the open-source PostgreSQL database – PostgreSQL 10 is officially supported.
You can also reliably upgrade to the latest versions of many other popular databases, such as:

  • SQL Server 2017
  • Oracle 12c 
  • SQL Anywhere 17
  • Adaptive Server Enterprise 16

Greater Developer Productivity 

  • Git and SVN Integration

Native interfaces are provided for both Git and SVN, supporting more source control features, delivering faster response time, and eliminating third-party plugins.  Also integration with TortoiseGit and TortoiseSVN clients allows convenient access virtually any functionality desired.
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  • Cloud-Served Licensing

This is an alternative to traditional machine-based license activation, which allows you to freely work across any number of machines– just login/logout – plus it is compatible with virtualized environments.
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  • Standalone Compiler & Enhanced OrcaScript

Create automated-build/continuous integration process, allowing you to work in parallel with your build process.  This can be used in conjunction with popular frameworks, such as Jenkins.  
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New App Features

  • Native PDF Printing

Generate PDFs with advanced features from within your app using simple native PowerBuilder APIs, including setting size, orientation, image quality, conformance level , passwords and restrictions.  There is no need to go through cumbersome PDF printer installations and configurations.
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  • Mobile App Development

Leverage existing PowerBuilder code assets and skills to rapidly create iOS and Android apps, from a single project, with support for many popular mobile device APIs and Cordova plugins.
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New Cloud Features

  • JSON Parser & Generator

Parse and generate JSON-formatted data just by writing a few lines of code and without having to add a third-party engine.  This is a high-performance engine and specially-adapted for PowerScript, supporting attribute-value pairs, DataWindow metadata (e.g. row status), merging multiple DataWindows.
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  • HTTP/RESTful Client

Securely perform a variety of HTTP transactions, including consumption of RESTful Web APIs, without any third-party plugins or unnecessary coding.  A new HTTP client supports CRUD operations, TLS 1.2, and a number of other enhancements. 
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  • DataWindow JSON Retrieve

Power your DataWindow reports and read-only DataWindows with RESTful Web APIs (JSON data format), regardless what programming language was used to develop the Web APIs, just by writing a few lines of code.
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Stronger Security

  • Encryption & Encoding

Secure your data with some of today’s strongest asymmetric and symmetric encryption algorithms.  All key encryption-related steps from generating keys to verifying data integrity can be performed in PowerBuilder.
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  • OAuth Client

Use OAuth 2.0 client for two or three-legged authentication to protected HTTP resources over TLS 1.2, such as REST Web APIs.  Support for OAuth2 tokens has also been integrated to the HTTP/REST clients.
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Continued Technical Support

SAP discontinued mainstream maintenance of PowerBuilder on June 30, 2018.  By upgrading to PowerBuilder 2017 or later versions, you can continue to receive technical support (from Appeon) as well as new fixes.  This helps to ensure your production apps keep running smoothly as well as compliance with corporate policies.