ELEVATE 2018 | Appeon

Why Present at Elevate 2018?

Presenting at the user conference will be a great opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate your professional expertise and how your company is innovating.
  • Establish close relationships with other developers and Appeon staff.
  • Gain special access to a pre-release of PowerBuilder 2018 (so you can do a C# development presentation).
  • Influence Appeon’s roadmap by generating interest around particular areas of the product.

Plus as a token of our appreciation, you will receive a complimentary Full Conference Pass for your participation, which is a $695 value.

Presentation Requirements

  • Topic of Interest – all presentations should be related to Appeon products (PowerBuilder, InfoMaker, or PowerServer Web/Mobile). We are especially interested in sessions on C# development with PowerBuilder 2018, and we can provide you with a pre-release if you are interested to present on this topic.
  • Educational – your presentation content should be technical in nature, and be of interest to attendees with a hands-on technical background; marketing-heavy submissions will be rejected.
  • Non-Confidential – do not include confidential material that cannot be posted to the public; the presenter is responsible for obtaining necessary permission to use all materials.
  • Proper Format – depending on the format of your presentation, there may be other requirements as outlined in the “Presentation Format” section.
  • English Language – your presentation must be in English.

Presentation Format

We are seeking proposals for conference sessions in any of the following four formats.

Tips & Tricks sessions essentially provide “how-to” for a technical topic.  It can focus on a particular feature of an Appeon product, coding technique, or a solution to a problem.  Some amount of hands-on training in the form of demo and/or code snippets should be included.  Available in 45-minute or 60-minute slots.

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