.NET DataStore brings the productivity of PowerBuilder to C# development. It consists of open-source C# libraries that provide a non-visual DataWindow & other commonly-used PowerBuilder features. A DataWindow Converter is also included to convert existing DataWindows to standard C# POCO models, automatically.

Highly Productive

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Easy to Learn - .NET DataStore provides virtually the same productive approach to programming as PowerBuilder, including non-visual DataWindow APIs (properties, methods and events), data buffers, transaction management, system functions, and SQL programming.

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Minimal Coding - developers can accomplish big tasks with few lines of code, and all SQL is defined in the C# POCO model of the DataStore class, which minimizes redundant code.

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Automatic Conversion - an automated conversion tool (the DataWindow Converter) generates standard C# POCO models from existing DataWindows including the child DataWindows.

Standard Architecture

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Model-Driven - driven by a standard C# POCO model that contains all data-related properties and attributes. There is a strict separation of concerns and no proprietary .SRD format.

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Managed Code - 100% managed code so it benefits from the full power of the Common Language Runtime (CLR), such as built-in security, faster performance, and ease of deployment.

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.NET Core - compatible with the .NET Core Framework. You can deploy to either Windows or Linux OS running a variety of Web servers or even go serverless.

Standard Architecture
Open Design

Open Design

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Open-Source - all libraries of .NET DataStore are available in the C# source code form in addition to the compiled NuGet packages.

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Any C# IDE - you can maintain your .NET projects in any C# IDE, such as Visual Studio or SnapDevelop.

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IList Compatible - the DataStore inherits from a standard .NET list, enabling you to natively integrate with other .NET code and libraries.

C# Programming Features

Working with .NET DataStore in C# shares a lot of similarities with working with the DataWindow in PowerScript. You can leverage existing PowerBuilder skills and code assets, plus it is simply much more productive than many other ways to develop business apps in C#.

What’s New in .NET DataStore

Model Generation Customizations

Easily customize the model generation rules of the DataWindow Converter to generate the most optimal POCO models for .NET DataStore.

  • Customized model attributes
  • Automatically add DataContext for the model
  • Data type mapping

Asynchronous Programming

Program .NET DataStore asynchronously with new asynchronous CRUD methods, making your application more responsive and scalable.

  • Asynchronous query & saving
  • Supports embedded and dynamic SQL
  • Seamless debugging for asynchronous
  • Scaffold asynchronous services and controllers

Database Compatibility

Choose from many more database types for your projects using .NET DataStore, including Amazon and Azure cloud-specific database types.

  • Supports Amazon RDS, including Aurora, RDS for PostgreSQL, RDS for MySQL, RDS for Oracle, and RDS for SQL Server
  • Supports Microsoft Azure Databases, including Azure SQL Database, Azure Database for MySQL, and Azure Database for PostgreSQL
  • Supports SAP ASE 15-16 & SAP HANA 2.0

Customer Testimonial

"Appeon has enabled us to use DataWindow technology to bring a .NET Core Web API to life that is on its way to become the backbone of our planned migration to a 3-tiered architecture of our flagship product.

With PowerBuilder 2019 R3 we are able to use .NET Core 3.1, which brings us many of the benefits that Microsoft has put into its .NET Core line."

Roland Mühlberger
Vice President Software Development, Aescudata GmbH

Getting Started

Start developing your first REST API using powerful DataWindow technology. We also recommend you dive deeper by watching .NET DataStore Training video.


.NET DataStore is available as part of PowerBuilder CloudPro and PowerBuilder Professional.

PowerBuilder CloudPro

Deploy existing client/server applications to the Cloud as Installable Cloud Apps with a C# REST API architecture. The absolute fastest path to the Cloud with .NET!


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PowerBuilder Professional

Rapidly develop client/server applications with the productivity of DataWindow technology. Provides many built-in features to instantly modernize!


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