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Appeon offers a new low-cost subscription license (non-perpetual license) for PowerBuilder 2017 and future versions.  Your subscription includes everything most customers need to be successful – a non-perpetual license for PowerBuilder, major and minor updates, and standard technical support.   

Prices below are per developer, per year

(All pricing is in US dollars and excludes any taxes)

Standard $695 (developer • year)
Cloud $995 (developer • year)
Universal $1,595 (developer • year)
Desktop Apps
32-bit or 64-bit Windows EXEs
All PowerScript Features
Web API/HTTP Client
JSON and XML Support
OAuth Client
Native PDF Generation
Native Database Drivers
Cloud Apps
PowerScript .NET Non-Visual Assemblies
PowerScript .NET SOAP API Deployment
All Non-Visual PS Features
C# REST API Deployment*
All Non-Visual C# Features*
OAuth Server for C#*
.NET Core/Cloud Deployment*
PowerServer Mobile
iOS and Android Deployment
Offline Mobile Operation
Development .NET Server
Production .NET Server
PowerServer Web
Web Browser & Installable Web App Deployment
Web APIs
Development .NET Server
Dev Productivity
Version Migration Assistant
C# Migration Tools
PowerServer Migration Tools
PowerScript Debugger
C# Debugger
C# Unit Testing Framework
Native Source Control Interfaces
Standalone Compiler
Support & Updates
Maintenance Releases
Major & Minor Updates

* C# features available in PowerBuilder 2019 (originally named as PowerBuilder 2018), ​currently scheduled for Spring 2019.

All subscription levels include our standard level of technical support.  We find this is adequate for most customers.  If your project requires a more advanced level of technical support, you can purchase our premium support, or contact us to discuss a custom plan tailored to your needs.

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