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* The Policy below only applies to customer who purchased PowerBuilder CloudPro Edition (originally named as Universal Edition) or applied for Appeon Enterprise Account Program before October 1, 2019.  

Our Fair Usage Policy provides enterprise customers with a reasonable usage level of the PowerServer (PB Edition) in a production environment at no additional cost. Our policy strives to provide adequate license capacity while keeping the price of PowerBuilder Universal Edition as low as possible. If our fair usage policy doesn’t meet your needs you may contact the sales dept. ( for purchase options of our other editions of PowerServer.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Registered company with valid business license or other proof
  • Owns a valid, paid, subscription of PowerBuilder CloudPro Edition
  • Agrees to be bound by the standard click-through license agreement
  • Not in a country subject to United States export restrictions

Fair Usage Definition

  • 3 standalone (not clustered) Microsoft IIS servers
  • No license restrictions on the number of mobile devices
  • Internal use only (not for distribution or resale)
  • Production and non-production use (e.g. backup) are permitted