The Professional Edition offers you the following key benefits over the Standard Edition.
  • Automatic App Install & Updates - Automatically install & update PowerBuilder apps (including runtime & external files) over HTTPS using the new PowerClient deployment option. Learn More
  • Enhanced Security - Encrypt PBD files to prevent source code theft or tampering.  Validate the app’s integrity to avoid executing harmful files. And sign the apps to conform to security best practices. Learn More
  • REST API Development - Create C# REST API in as little as 120 seconds by leveraging the productivity of DataWindow technology, using only existing PowerBuilder skills. Learn More
The CloudPro Edition offers you the following key benefits over the Professional Edition.

Automatic Cloud Deployment - PowerServer automatically deploys your client/server application as an Installable Cloud Application, which is powered by REST APIs running on the .NET Core framework. Nearly all PowerBuilder features are supported, and you get the same rich user experience as a native Windows app. It is the fastest & the lowest risk way to take your PowerBuilder apps to the Cloud.  Learn More