Making REST API Development Rapid

New products offered in the PowerBuilder 2019 R2 CloudPro bundle empowers developers to leverage existing PowerBuilder skills to easily create REST APIs with minimal code.

C# Code Generation

It provides many utilities to help automatically generate the C# code and speeds up the process of creating new REST APIs, including DataWindow conversion, scaffolding, service & DataContext injection. Developers can easily create and test fully-functioning REST APIs in as little as 120 seconds. Watch the Video >>

DataWindow Technology

It replicates the DataWindow functionality in C#, offering almost the same DataWindow properties, functions, and events so that developers can complete big tasks with little code.

PowerScript Conversion to C#

The PowerScript Migrator allows developers to see how PowerScript translates to corresponding C#. It also automates migration of existing PowerBuilder business logic to C# REST APIs.

Visual Testing

The integrated Web API Tester allows developers to visually inspect, test, and debug the REST APIs without spending the time and effort to create a client app or build JSON by hand.

Create REST APIs in 5 Steps

  • 1.Generate Skeleton

  • 2.Code the Business Logic

  • 3.Scaffold API

  • 4.Visually Test

  • 5.Publish

  • Create DataWindow in PowerBuilder, Convert it to C#

  • Create & Inject the DataContext

  • Scaffold the Service Implementation & Interface

  • Code the business logic rapidly with .NET DataStore

  • Or convert the existing business logic

  • Scaffold the Controller of the REST API

  • Create Body data with utilities

  • Authorize the requests

  • Manage cookies

  • Deploy to Docker

  • Deploy to IIS Server

  • Deploy to Local Folder

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