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C# Migration Solution

- The fastest path for PB apps and developers to move to C# and the cloud

Rewrite Challenges

According to research by Gartner, an IT project with a budget over USD 1 million is 50% more likely to fail than one with a budget below USD 350,000.

And if your organization lacks a high maturity of project management, research by the Project Management Institute indicates you will only have a 36% chance of delivering your project on time.

Rewrites are typically large and complex projects with a high propensity to fail to some degree, such as exceeding budget, delayed delivery, and even not meeting requirements. Besides its sheer size, what makes a rewrite especially challenging is the depth of knowledge required about the application’s business rules and source code to successfully replicate it.

Why PowerBuilder 2019 (Professional Edition)

Based on Appeon’s 20+ years of experience with PowerServer – a solution that migrates PowerScript to JavaScript for Web deployment – we have developed possibly the fastest path for PowerBuilder apps and developers to move to C# and cloud architecture.


PowerBuilder’s automated migration tools and framework were designed to be used by PowerBuilder developers. This empowers the people who best understand your application to perform the C# migration. There is no need for the expense and risk of third parties to perform services.

Automated Tools

A DataWindow conversion utility regenerates existing DataWindows (including DataStores) in C# using the .NET DataStore. Imagine the time and cost savings of not having to re-create the hundreds or thousands of DataWindows already built over many years.

“Port” Effort

While you do need to hand-code C#, PowerBuilder’s migration framework makes this effort a “port” of the original PowerScript rather than a rewrite. The C# coding is similar to the original PowerScript because the .NET DataStore offers virtually the same APIs, data buffer mechanism, and approach to transaction management.

High Performance

The server runtime libraries were designed for highly-concurrent server applications. Its design is completely stateless, thread safe, and 100% managed code. And Appeon put the effort to support the .NET Core because it is Microsoft’s high-performance framework.

The Migration Process

The migration process focuses on leveraging the most valuable layer in your application – the business logic layer. It essentially consists of utilizing PowerBuilder’s automated migration tools and framework to port existing PowerScript and embedded SQLs to C# Web APIs.

"Our months of thorough testing proves that PowerBuilder 2019 is the best feasible way to do a step-by-step port to C#, and it performs much better than PB.NET."

Torsten Matschull
Head of Software Development, CTS EVENTIM

The Migration Result

Pure C# Project

After DataWindows (including DataStores) and PowerScript are ported over, the C# Web APIs are 100% managed code (including the .NET DataStore libraries). This inherently makes your project highly interoperable.

MVC Architecture

The C# Web APIs scaffolded by the PowerBuilder C# IDE adhere to an MVC architecture. Such architecture has numerous benefits, such as more efficient to maintain, promoting business logic reuse, well-suited for unit testing, etc.

Any UI Technology

The C# Web APIs can return data in either plain JSON or DataWindow-specific JSON format. If using plain JSON format, the C# Web APIs would be compatible with any UI technology, such as a WPF app, and ASP.NET page, etc.

Deployed to .NET Core

The C# Web APIs scaffolded by the PowerBuilder C# IDE are compatible with the .NET Core, and therefore will deploy to either Windows or Linux OS running a variety of servers, such as IIS, Kestrel, or Amazon Lambda.

Maintained in any C# IDE

Since the C# Web APIs are pure C# projects, it can be readily maintained in any C# IDE. Of course, it is more productive to use PowerBuilder to visually maintain DataWindow data objects instead of hand coding them.

PowerBuilder 2019

The fastest path for PB apps and developers to move to .NET and the cloud.