Why Migrate with PowerScript Migrator?

Highly Automated

Automatically migrates 80-95% of PowerBuilder business logic to C#, including non-visual PowerScript, non-visual system functions, embedded SQL, DataWindows, NVOs, and EAServer NVOs.

Port, Not Rewrite

Faithfully replicates your PowerBuilder business logic in C# so that a deep understanding of the original PowerBuilder application is not required for a successful migration.


Perform the C# migration by yourself using provided automated conversion tools, eliminating the expense and risk of third parties to perform services.

PowerBuilder Migration Capability

C# Migration Process

Identify the PowerBuilder business logic to be converted to C#. It is not necessary to partition before conversion.

  Automation: Manual

Design the blueprint of your C# services by defining the interfaces of your services.

  Automation: Manual

Automatically convert the PowerBuilder objects (.SRW, .SRU, .SRS, etc.) containing the relevant business logic to C#.

  Automation: High
  Tools:  PowerScript Migrator

Clean up the converted C# code, removing any unnecessary code (visual code, obsolete code, etc.) and resolving any compilation errors.

  Automation: Medium-Low
  Tools:  Error Highlighting & Code Fix

Automatically scaffold the REST API (the controller) from the service and test.

  Automation: High
  Tools:  Scaffolding, Web API Tester

C# Migration Result

The generated C# code and its open-source C# libraries adhere to .NET standards and open design principles so you can save significant time and money without having to compromise.

Any C# IDE

Maintain the migrated C# source code in any C# IDE, such as Visual Studio or SnapDevelop.

Any UI Technology

The migrated C# source code can be scaffolded into REST APIs, making it accessible by any UI technology.

Open-Source Libraries

All C# migration library code is available in the C# source code form (in addition to the compiled NuGet packages).

.NET Core Compatible

The .NET Core framework allows you to deploy to either Windows or Linux OS running a variety of Web servers or even go serverless (e.g. Amazon Lambda, Azure Functions, etc.).

API Architecture

PowerBuilder business logic is cleanly separated into C# controllers, services, and POCO models.

Getting Started

The PowerScript Migrator is able to migrate complex PowerBuilder business logic to C#, even if your existing application is not well partitioned.  Download the trial and follow the tutorial to start migrating PowerBuilder business logic to C#.


The PowerScript Migrator is available as a part of either PowerBuilder CloudPro or RapidSharp.

PowerBuilder CloudPro

Deploy existing client/server applications to the Cloud with a C# REST API architecture. The absolute fastest path to the Cloud!



Migrate existing client/server applications to pure C# with any UI technology. Why rewrite when you can automatically port?

Too Busy to Migrate by Yourself?

Talk to an Appeon migration expert if you have any technical questions or are shorthanded to perform the migration.