In certain cases, you need to use the temporarily released NuGet package instead of the package released on NuGet's official website so you need to do some extra configurations.


SnapDevelop 2021 and later


1. Configuring an additional NuGet package source.

  • Unzip the NuGet package source package files to a folder. E.g.: D:\Offline Packages.

  • Open SnapDevelop 2021, go to Tools -> Options -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Sources, and add a new package source. 


Note: Don’t forget to click the “update” button.

  • Return to the package manager and switch the package source to the one just created to verify it.

       By default, NuGet does not include pre-release versions when working with packages, but you can check the Include prerelease box if needed. 

2. Alternatively, you can directly modify the NuGet.Config file to configure the new source.

E.g.: This is a user scope NuGet.Config  (%appdata%\NuGet\NuGet.Config).  You can edit it to add a user scope source directly.

You can refer to NuGet documentation to learn more details about NuGet.Config: