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Appeon offers two levels of support for perpetual licenses of PowerServer Web or Mobile. 

  • The standard support level is offered as an Update Subscription Plan (USP) on an annual subscription basis.  The USP entitles you to download bug fixes (in the form of EBFs and maintenance releases) as well as new versions of the product.    In addition, you are welcome to use various free online technical resources offered by Appeon, such as knowledgebase articles, community forum, and our bug reporting system (requires reproducible test case).  USP is mandatory for the first year when purchasing a license.
  • The premium support level is offered as a professional service on a per incident basis.  It entitles one or more named contacts plus one backup named contact to receive help from experts for any PowerServer product issues you are experiencing, even if you are not able to provide a reproducible test case.  Depending on the nature of your case, help is provided via online Web session, telephone, or email, and (at Appeon’s sole discretion) can be scheduled ahead of time outside of standard office hours.  Customer must be on a supported version of PowerServer in order to be eligible to receive technical support.