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PowerBuilder .NET Data Access Object

- Develop C# Projects using the .NET DataStore

PowerBuilder 2019 offers a new data access object (.NET DataStore), which is built on top of the open-source .NET Core framework and SnapObjects ORM framework. This DAO makes the data access and manipulation in C# as simple and powerful as using the PowerScript DataStore. Who knew developing in C# could be this easy?

.NET DataStore

The .NET DataStore is a pure .NET implementation of the PowerScript DataStore, allowing you to develop non-visual C# projects with the productivity of the PowerScript DataStore and the power of the .NET Core framework.

Visual Development.

You can easily design and generate your .NET DataStore in the DataWindow Painter, and then convert it to C# using the C# Model Generator. When developing with the .NET DataStore, coding in C# is minimal just like in PowerScript.

PowerBuilder Migration.

The .NET DataStore provides virtually the same APIs (properties, methods and events ), data buffers, and approach to transaction management. As such, there is essentially no learning curve for existing developers, and it makes migration of existing code assets to C# simple with minimal effort.  Learn More

High Performance & Scalability.

The .NET DataStore has been designed from the ground up for highly-concurrent server applications, delivering superior performance and scalability. In fact, it is typically 2-6X faster than the outgoing PB.NET that it replaces.

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