Appeon announced on July 5, 2016 that it entered into an agreement with SAP to develop a new generation of the PowerBuilder development platform. Below are some answers to some common questions existing SAP customers may have about the agreement and the future of PowerBuilder.  The official press release is available to view here.

This is a decision that has complex considerations and Appeon cannot advise you. However, we can try to help by outlining some of the potential pros and cons of buying PowerBuilder 12.6:


  • It is available now while Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 is tentatively scheduled for Q2 2017.
  • It is a currently-supported version of PowerBuilder that has been on the market for some time.
  • It has some notable new features compared to PB 12.5, including 64-bit compilation.


  • It will require a perpetual license purchase rather than the low-cost subscription model that Appeon will be offering.
  • You will not be eligible for a free upgrade to the Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 version.
  • Per this announcement, mainstream support is scheduled to end on January 31, 2018.