Why PowerBuilder CloudPro

The only PowerBuilder to C# migration solution on the market that faithfully replicates DataWindow functionality, which is the key to making your migration project a "port" in terms of effort and risk.

Highly Automated

Automatically migrates 80-95% of PowerBuilder business logic to C#, including DataWindows, non-visual PowerScript, non-visual system functions, embedded SQL, NVOs and EAServer NVOs.

Port, Not Rewrite

Faithfully replicates your PowerBuilder business logic in C# so that a deep understanding of the original source code is not required for a successful migration.

Product, Not Service

Perform the C# migration by yourself using provided conversion tools and open-source C# libraries, eliminating the expense and risk of third parties to perform services.

Zero Dependency

Generates pure C# code and includes the source code of all the C# libraries. As such, there is zero dependency on any particular vendor or tool to maintain the migrated application.

How Does It Work

PowerBuilder CloudPro provides open-source C# DLLs (.NET DataStore) and migration engine (PowerScript Migrator) to enable developers to port PowerBuilder business logic to C#, which is the most valuable and complex layer in PowerBuilder applications. Watch the 5-Minute Video


.NET DataStore supports all DataWindow presentation styles and most non-visual DataWindow features in C#. As such, existing non-visual PowerScript can be readily mapped to C#, making your PowerBuilder migration to C# a "port" in terms of risk and effort.


Besides converting all DataWindows, the PowerScript Migrator converts most non-visual PowerScript, embedded SQL, and dynamic SQL. It also supports various PowerBuilder constructs, such as unbounded arrays, special blob handling, and system functions.


The resulting JSON data can be easily consumed by any UI framework that supports the REST and JSON standards, such as Angular, React, Xamarin, and Flutter.

5 Steps to Migrate PowerBuilder Logic to C#

How Does the Migration Work

C# Migration Result

The generated C# code and its open-source C# libraries adhere to .NET standards and open design principles so you can save significant time and money without having to compromise.

Any C# IDE

Any C# IDE

Maintain the migrated C# source code in any C# IDE, such as Visual Studio or SnapDevelop.

Any UI Technology

Any UI Technology

The migrated C# source code can be scaffolded into REST APIs, making it accessible by any UI technology.

Open-Source Libraries

Open-Source Libraries

All C# migration library code is available in the C# source code form (in addition to the compiled NuGet packages).

.NET Core Compatible

.NET Core Compatible

The .NET Core framework allows you to deploy to either Windows or Linux OS running a variety of Web servers or even go serverless (e.g. Amazon Lambda, Azure Functions, etc.).

API Architecture

API Architecture

PowerBuilder business logic is cleanly separated into C# controllers, services, and POCO models.

Getting Started

Quick Tour

Learn how PowerBuilder CloudPro ports your business logic to C#, even if your existing application is not well partitioned.

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Follow the tutorial to migrate the demo apps' business logic to C#.

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PowerBuilder CloudPro



Migrate existing client/server applications to pure C# with any UI technology.




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Open-Source C# runtime libraries require a separate purchase. Contact sales

Too Busy to Migrate by Yourself?

Talk to an Appeon migration expert if you have any technical questions or are shorthanded to perform the migration.