Areas of Innovation

Appeon will be bringing new innovations to the market in agile yearly cycles.  Over the next several years, new features and enhancements to the native PowerBuilder IDE will be focused on four key areas.  The high-level features listed below the areas of focus are illustrative and meant to give you a birds-eye view of how your apps could be transformed in the coming years.

Planned Releases

This list shows the specific new features or enhancements planned for a particular release of PowerBuilder.  Based on customer feedback and technology trends, it is possible a particular item may be changed, delayed, or removed.  As such, it is important that you participate in the product roadmap by voting and commenting on the product roadmap.  As a customer-driven company, we will carefully consider your feedback to make PowerBuilder work for you!

RFE ID Feature Planned Date Componentsort descending Status
PowerBuilder Compiler Supporting Multiple Build Agents
30 June, 2017 Compiler Released
Native PDF Print
30 June, 2017 Desktop Runtime Released
Windows 10 and latest DB, environment
30 June, 2017 IDE Released
Cloud Licensing Model
30 June, 2017 IDE Released
Able to Open Parent and Child Objects at the Same Time
30 June, 2018 IDE Open
Dynamically Creating DataWindow Child
30 June, 2018 IDE Open
Modern UI (Modernize Existing Controls)
30 December, 2018 IDE Open
Source control with GIT & SVN
31 December, 2017 IDE Open
Unit Testing Framework
30 June, 2018 IDE Open
PowerBuilder Mobile Controls
30 June, 2019 IDE Open
Desktop Cloud App
30 June, 2019 IDE Open
Developing WCF Services in PowerBuilder Classic
30 June, 2019 IDE Rejected
Ribbon Controls and Panels
30 June, 2019 IDE Open