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PowerBuilder Roadmap


Paving the way for a simpler, faster, open-standards approach to building cloud apps for .NET!

Appeon is innovating PowerBuilder in agile 6-12 month cycles.  Over the next few cycles, we plan to revamp PowerBuilder’s approach to .NET, its server-side architecture, and the UI of your apps.  We are committed to making C# development with PowerBuilder super easy while adhering to open standards.  While we believe that a Desktop Cloud App (rather than HTML) is the best approach for business apps, you are free to use whatever client-side technology you wish.  Of course, we are also enhancing development of traditional desktop apps.

Phase 1
REST & Security
Securely utilize RESTful Web APIs in existing client/server apps. Includes support for JSON, encrption, hashing, OAuth, and DataWindow integration.
PowerBuilder 2017
Jun. 30, 2017
PowerBuilder 2017 R2
Jan. 30,2018
PowerBuilder 2017 R3 LTS
Jul. 31, 2018
Phase 2
C# Development
Rapidly develop C# Web APIs using the native PowerBuilder IDE, DataWindow technology, and automated migration tools. 100% managed code, secure, and scalable.
PowerBuilder 2018
Q1 2019
PowerBuilder 2018 R2
Q3-Q4 2019
PowerBuilder 2018 R3 LTS
Phase 3
Cloud Apps
Develop eye-catching desktop apps that are powered by C# Web APIs and deploy seamlessly over the Internet. The desktop and web converged.
PowerBuilder 2021
PowerBuilder 2021 R2
PowerBuilder 2021 R3 LTS

PowerBuilder 2018 Update

As of November 30, 2018, we have completed the main engineering work for PowerBuilder 2018. We are currently in a period of polishing and stabilizing the product to meet our general availability (GA) quality standards.

Considering how monumental of a release this is, we have decided to conduct a formal beta program. So rather than release the product under GA, we will instead be releasing the product as a beta on December 31, 2018.

Depending on the beta results and customer feedback, GA would be tentatively targeted for Spring 2019. We really hope many of you participate in the beta so we can make a great product that works for you!

Development, migration, and deployment has been validated.​

Watch Video

Core server objects, including DataStore, have been developed.

Run Sample Code 

Server runtime libraries have been confirmed to perform well.

Benchmark Performance

Try the beta version for yourself and give us your feedback.

Download the Beta

(Available Dec. 31, 2018)

Roadmap Details

This list shows the specific new features or enhancements planned for a particular release of PowerBuilder.  Based on customer feedback and technology trends, it is possible a particular item may be changed, delayed, or removed.  As such, it is important that you participate in the product roadmap by voting and commenting on the product roadmap.  As a customer-driven company, we will carefully consider your feedback to make PowerBuilder work for you!

Feature Video Planned Date Revised Statussort descending
RichTextEdit Backwards Compatibility
31 December, 2018 15 May, 2018 Planned
C# Runtime - OAuth2Server
31 December, 2018 17 Sep, 2018 Planned
Modernize Graphs
31 December, 2018 17 Sep, 2018 Planned
Update Data via the RESTClient
31 December, 2018 17 Sep, 2018 Planned
31 December, 2018 17 Sep, 2018 Planned
Modernize Existing Controls
31 December, 2018 20 Sep, 2018 Planned
C# Runtime - SQLBuilder
31 December, 2018 20 Sep, 2018 Planned
C# Runtime - SQLExecutor
31 December, 2018 17 Sep, 2018 Planned
C# Runtime - DataStore
31 December, 2018 17 Sep, 2018 Planned
C# Unit Test
31 December, 2018 20 Sep, 2018 Planned
C# Runtime - ModelStore
31 December, 2018 20 Sep, 2018 Planned
C# Runtime - ModelMapper
31 December, 2018 20 Sep, 2018 Planned
Desktop Cloud App
09 Dec, 2018 Planned