Other Enhancements
for Client/Server & Cloud Apps

Various other enhancements have been made to PowerBuilder 2022 R2 to boost the security, database compatibility, and productivity of the IDE of all project types.

TLS 1.3

Your data access can be secured with TLS 1.3 for SQL Server 2022, ensuring stronger protection and better TLS performance.

Windows Authentication

Windows Authentication is now supported by the HTTPClient, providing API access with increased security. Users can seamlessly access internet resources using predefined authentication schema and credentials.

Database Compatibility

Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2022 and PostgreSQL 15, IBM DB2 is also supported in Cloud Deployment.

Identity in Oracle

The identity column has been supported in DataWindow & SQL statements for all supported Oracle versions.

Driver Update

Supports .NET 6 for ADO.NET and the latest SQL server engine for Azure SQL.

Git/SVN Source Control

Directly access Git/SVN source control functions from the library painter. Actions performed will be automatically synced to the System Tree, making source control easier and more efficient.

Migration Assistant

Has been enhanced to report all discontinued and obsolete features, taking the guesswork out of the upgrade process.

Compilation & Deployment

PowerServer project types specifically benefit from a new cursory build option that can recompile the cloud app in just seconds. The deployment process has also been further streamlined and simplified.