Learn how to recapitulate GLV in a Git SCC context. In the world of Git Source Code Control(SCC), the one-click Get Latest Version (GLV) does not exist in the same form as it had for PowerBuilder and other Microsoft Interface-adherent (MSSCCI) development platforms. How then do we periodically update our local copy of the PowerBuilder Workspace to test if our individual enhancements integrate well with our fellow development team members' modifications? Topics covered include: In this session we'll demonstrate how to use Git Rebase procedures to: Update your Workspace with other development team members' changes Completely avoid dreaded server side, remote repository Merge Conflicts Gracefully side-step local Merge Conflicts and avoid the need for conflict resolution We will also demonstrate PowerBuilder 2022's new ability to generate local PBLs from Git-remote Source Files (*.SR*), which negates the need for PBLs to be under SCC.

Presenter: John Strano