A workspace that has already been added to the SVN source code system from PowerBuilder 2017 R2 must have its (as well as all files') binary property removed, in order to be correctly managed by SVN in PowerBuilder 2017 R3.

To remove the binary property of the files for a workspace, please try the following:

  1. In PowerBuilder 2017 R3 IDE, get the workspace from the SVN source control system.
  2. Download the SccAuxiliaryTool.zip attached in this article. 

There are two files in the zip: SccAuxiliaryTool.exe and SccAuxiliaryTool.txt.  SccAuxiliaryTool.txt contains the SHA256 hash code for SccAuxiliaryTool.exe. Please use the SHA256 code to verify the integrity of SccAuxiliaryTool.exe: you can get a sha256sum program from Internet (for example, at http://www.labtestproject.com/files/win/sha256sum/sha256sum.exe), and follow the instructions of the program to compare the SHA256 value of the downloaded SccAuxiliaryTool.exe file and the SHA256 value in SccAuxiliaryTool.txt.

  1. Save SccAuxiliaryTool.exe to your computer, for example, to C:\Program Files\Appeon\Shared\PowerBuilder\.
  2. Execute the following command to remove the binary property of the files for this workspace:

"C:\Program Files\Appeon\Shared\PowerBuilder\SccAuxiliaryTool.exe" /command:svn_prop_del /path:C:\check_out\svn\workspace_1

The /path parameter should point to the directory where the workspace is located.

  1. Use "SVN Commit" to commit the changed files to the source control system.