Using odbc to connect to mssql (sqlsrv32.dll) and then creating a datawindow, PowerBuilder will map the date and datetime2 datatypes to char(10) in the datawindow painter.



Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Reproducing the Issue

1. Create a new odbc datasource using the sqlsrv32.dll to connect to MSSQL Server 2012.

2. In PowerBuilder, connect to that new odbc datasource.

3. In the database painter, create a new table with the following columns:

mycol1 int

mycol2 date

mycol3 datetime

mycol4 smalldatetime

mycol5 datetime2

4. Create a new tabular datawindow using the table that you just created.

5. In the column specification view, notice that mycol2 is mapped to char(10) and mycol5 is mapped to char(27).


Issue with the third party driver.


The workaround is to use the Microsoft SQL Native Client ODBC (SQLNCLI10.dll) driver instead of the MS SQLServer ODBC (SQLSRV32.dll) driver.

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