Opening a window with the new RTE control over Terminal Services is very slow.

Scenario 1:

Published PowerBuilder RemoteApp over Terminal Services.

  • Allow client printer redirection.
  • Use the client default printing device.
  • Use the Remote Desktop Easy Print print driver first.
  • Open a PowerBuilder Application.
  • Open a window that has the new RTE control.
Scenario 2:

Access a Remote Desktop that has the PowerBuilder Application installed.

RDS Printer

  • Open Remote Desktop.
  • Open a PowerBuilder Application.
  • Open a window that has the new RTE control.
Workaround 1:

Printer Redirection

  1. Open Server Manager.
  2. Select "Remote Desktop Services".
  3. Select the Collection where youre application has been published.
  4. On the "Properties" section, Click on the "Tasks" dropdown.
  5. Choose "Edit Properties".
  6. Expand the "Client Settings".
  7. Un-tick the checkbox for "Use the client default printing device" option.
Workaround 2:

On the PowerBuilder application:

  1. Delete the RichTextEdit Control from the window.
  2. Add Functions:
    Global External Functions FUNCTION ULong GetDefaultPrinterW(REF String pszBuffer, REF ULong pcchBuffer) LIBRARY "winspool.drv" ALIAS FOR "GetDefaultPrinterW"
    FUNCTION ULong SetDefaultPrinterW(String pszPrinter) LIBRARY "winspool.drv" ALIAS FOR "SetDefaultPrinterW"
  3. Add Instance Variables:
    Instance Variables STRING is_fullstring, is_default
    STRING is_name, is_driver, is_port, is_temp, is_new
    LONG il_place
  4. Add code to the Open event of your window:
    Open Event //Maximize the Window
    WindowState = Maximized!

    //Trigger the PreOpen Event

    //Trigger the PostOpen Event
  5. Add code to the PreOpen User Event:
    ue_PreOpen //Variable Declaration
    STRING ls_null

    ULONG lul_buffer

    //Get the Current Printer info
    is_fullstring = PrintGetPrinter()
    il_place = POS(is_fullstring, "~t")
    is_name = LEFT(is_fullstring, il_place - 1)
    is_temp = MID(is_fullstring, il_place + 1)
    il_place = POS(is_temp, "~t")
    is_driver = LEFT(is_temp, il_place - 1)
    is_port = MID(is_temp, il_place + 1)

    //Clear buffers
    lul_buffer = 0
    GetDefaultPrinterW(ls_null, lul_buffer)
    is_default = SPACE(lul_buffer)

    //Get OS default Printer
    GetDefaultPrinterW(is_default, lul_buffer)

    //Check if the current printer has been redirected
    IF POS(is_name, "redirected") > 0 THEN
    //Set OS default Printer
    SetDefaultPrinterW("Microsoft XPS Document Writer")

    //Change the Printer
    PrintSetPrinter("Microsoft XPS Document Writer")
    END IF
  6. Add code to the PostOpen User Event:
    ue_PostOpen//Variable Declaration
    RichTextEdit rte_control

    //Create the Object
    rte_control = CREATE RichTextEdit

    //Set the X, Y, Width and Height properties of the Object
    rte_control.x = 46
    rte_control.y = 100
    rte_control.Width = 1678
    rte_control.Height = 1116

    //Open the User Object
    OpenUserObjectWithParm(rte_control, "", 46, 100)

    //Bring the RTE to the Top
    rte_control.BringToTop = TRUE

    //Set the OS Default Printer

    //Set the Previous Printer

This allows the window to open and creates the RTE Control after finishing opening the window.