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How to install the Appeon Xcelerator plug-in if you don't have the admin right


If you are not the administrator, you may run into the issue which keep you from loading or installing the Appeon Xcelerator plug-in.


Technically speaking, the user with the administrator right can directly load/install the Appeon Xcelerator plug-in. For the user without the administrator, you need to follow up the solution below to manually load/install the Appeon Xcelerator plug-in.


Step 1: Click the IE information bar at the top which is saying "This website wants to install the following add-on: 'Appeon Web Library' from 'Appeon Limited'. If you trust the website and the add-on and want to install it, click here..." and select "Install This Add-on..." (you must select this option but cannot select the other option, otherwise it will run into problems) to complete the installation of the first Appeon ActiveX control. (please note that you will be asked to install it one more time as there are two Appeon ActiveX controls needing to be installed.)

Step 2: Click Yes to proceed.

When the installation is completed you will get the following web page.

Step 3: Select Run Now and click OK to continue.

Step 4: After this process is completed, you will see the "Appeon Xcelerator plug-in cannot be loaded" screen again. Please repeat the steps above to do one more installation for the second plug-in (The second installation may look like a bit different from the first one ). After it is done, you can run your application.