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Second, Check the Community

Get help from the Appeon community (including MVPs and Appeon staff).
Get help with various other technologies, such as SQL and .NET, on the largest technical Q&A site.

Third, Get Paid Help

Standard Technical Support

Standard technical support is included with all Appeon product maintenance plans and subscription licenses.  Standard technical support entitles you to report bugs by submitting your reproducible test case to us.  We will periodically provide maintenance releases that fix reported bugs, and we will do our best to provide temporary workarounds in the meantime.

Premium Technical Support

Premium technical support is available at an additional cost.  It entitles you to receive help from experts for many Appeon product issues you are experiencing, even if you are not able to provide a reproducible test case. Depending on the nature of your case, help is provided via online Web session, telephone, or email.

Don’t have a Premium Technical Support account?  Get a quote.

Consulting Services

Appeon has developed a network of authorized PowerBuilder consulting providers around the world that can provide a variety of services ranging from custom training and mentoring to system design and development.  Help us understand your needs and we will refer you to the appropriate provider.