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Photo of Armeen Mazda

Armeen Mazda

CEO, Appeon

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Armeen Mazda is the co-founder and CEO of Appeon. Prior to becoming CEO, Armeen served various other roles in Appeon, including Product Management, Business Development, and Operations. Prior to co-founding Appeon, Armeen was co-founder of NetUpSide, a Silicon Valley-based incubator of high-tech startups. Armeen is a graduate of the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley, and holds 5 U.S. patents in the area of Web application technologies.

Photo of John  Qi

John Qi

CTO, Appeon

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John Qi is the co-founder and CTO of Appeon, driving the technology strategy and design for Appeon products and overseeing product engineering. John has contributed major innovations, from creating the first Web DataWindow that faithfully replicated most PowerBuilder features to pioneering a .NET ORM that requires even less coding than PowerBuilder. Prior to joining Appeon, John served as Project Manager for a subsidiary of China Merchant’s Group, leading large ERP projects and serving large clients in China, including the port of Shenzhen and Hitachi’s elevator division.

Photo of Julie Jiang

Julie Jiang

Product Manager, Appeon

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Julie Jiang is the Product Manager of Appeon, driving the product roadmap, feature definitions, and release management. Julie joined Appeon in 2002 and worked closely with Sybase to create the first documentation for PowerServer. Julie’s past work experience includes technical support manager at TUV Rheinland and system analyst at Accela Automation. Julie is a graduate of the University of Science and Technology in China, and holds degrees in both Computer Science and Arts.

Photo of Govinda Lopez

Govinda Lopez

Technology Evangelist, Appeon

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Govinda joined Appeon in 2017. He has been in the IT industry for over fifteen years. Mr. Lopez has worked on a wide range of IT projects including Maintenance, Development, and Datacenter Infrastructure and Architecture. He’s an enthusiast of the evolution of all IT Technologies. Loyal to his vision of the future, he constantly focuses on current technologies as these are the mechanisms of evolution and a foundation of an ever-growing future. Focused on understanding the motivating mindset of creating fantastic solutions! When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he spends fun-loving moments with his wife and kids, learning new things as learning is his passion, and trying very hard not to be the worst chess-player in town. He’s currently working with innovative Appeon-PowerBuilder C# technologies and sharing this passion with other development enthusiasts and experts.

Photo of Donald Clayton

Donald Clayton

CEO, Intertech Consulting, Inc

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Don Clayton is the President of Intertech Consulting, Inc., Appeon’s Certified North American partner and the first consulting firm in North America to be independently certified by Sybase and Appeon to sell and support the PowerServer product. Intertech was previously partnered with SAP and Sybase for 24 years and was a PowerSoft Partner prior to the Sybase acquisition. Don has nearly 30 years of PowerBuilder experience and over 30 years of industry and consulting experience. Don holds a B.A. and M.B.A. from Rice University and is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Management Consultant (CMC). Don taught Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Database Design, and Business Process Reengineering courses at the Rice University Jones Graduate School of Management for nine years while maintaining a research effort on modern software analysis and design techniques.

Photo of Marco Meoni

Marco Meoni

Appeon MVP, Independent Consultant

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Ph.D in Computer Science. Appeon MVP and PowerServer enthusiast since the early days. Lead Appeon expert in dozens of worldwide migration projects to Web and Mobile architectures. Invited speaker at Elevate conferences and national User Groups. Taught PowerBuilder and Appeon development techniques to hundreds of developers. Pioneered the field of interactive Grid computing at CERN, publishing several scientific articles. Broad knowledge in Big Data programming frameworks and predictive models using Machine Learning.

Photo of Torsten Matschull

Torsten Matschull

Director of Development, CTS EVENTIM Solutions GmbH

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Torsten Matschull has been responsible for EVENTIM.Inhouse for 26 years. After graduating from the Universities of Passau and Oldenburg, Germany, in 1993, he started as a developer for the ticketing system that is today known as EVENTIM.Inhouse. He is a professional user of the Powerbuilder IDE and together with his team of 27 developers he produces a complex application used by more than 400 organizations in 12 countries.

Photo of Tom Mills

Tom Mills

Senior System Architect, Foundation Software

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Tom Mills is the senior system architect at Foundation Software, an ISV that provides accounting and project management solutions for the U.S. construction industry. For the past 21 years, he has been the technical lead for the company's flagship PowerBuilder-based product - Foundation for Windows, which is used daily by over 5000 companies. Leveraging PowerBuilder's productivity and advanced features, the Windows product has been number one in its market segment for more than a decade. Tom has worked with PowerBuilder since version 6. His current areas of focus for the Windows system are UI/UX modernization and re-architecting the code base to provide an API for web and mobile solutions. Prior to joining Foundation, Tom earned degrees in Computer Science and English from Case Western Reserve University.

Featured Presenters

Photo of Bruce Armstrong

Bruce Armstrong

Development Lead, Integrated Data Services

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Bruce Armstrong is a development lead with Integrated Data Services (IDS). Prior to joining IDS 14 years ago, he was an independent consultant for 15 years doing PowerBuilder development for companies such as Rockwell, Hughes, Boeing, Western Asset Management, Investment Technology Group and Johnson & Johnson. He has been using PowerBuilder since version 1.0.B. He was a charter member of TeamSybase (formerly TeamPS), a PowerBuilder MVP, an SAP Mentor and now and Appeon MVP. He was a contributing author to SYS-CON's PowerBuilder 4.0 Secrets of the Masters and the editor of SAMs' PowerBuilder 9: Advanced Client/Server Development. He has contributed numerous articles to the PowerBuilder Developer's Journal (PBDJ) and the ISUG Tech Journal. He has done sessions on PowerBuilder at most TechWaves, SAP TechEd and Appeon Elevate conferences since 2004, at local user group meetings in Columbia, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Italy and France and numerous webcasts.

Photo of Georg Brodbeck

Georg Brodbeck

Software Developer, Informaticon

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Georg Brodbeck has been pushing the boundaries of PowerBuilder since the beginning of his career at Informaticon in 2009. His creativity and conceptual abilities led him to become an integral member of Informaticon’s core development team. Today Georg is responsible for a wide range of modules and helps to define the future of Informaticon’s products.

Photo of Matthew Balent

Matthew Balent

Owner, Cawing Crow Designs

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Matt began his PowerBuilder journey with version five at Computer Sciences Corporation. He has over twenty-five years experience in Application and Database development. He is currently a Senior Programmer at LabCorp. He has worked in healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, logistics, and public utility sectors. He has presented at numerous conferences and user group meetings and was named a PowerBuilder MVP in 2012.

Photo of Curtis Hanner

Curtis Hanner

Senior PowerBuilder Developer, City of Seattle

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Curtis Hanner has been using PowerBuilder since 1995 (version 5.0). He has working with PowerBuilder ever since mainly in the insurance and banking sectors. For many years he ran the Seattle based NWPBUG group. He is currently a Senior Developer for the City of Seattle providing custom PowerBuilder application solutions to internal city customers.

Photo of Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer

PowerBuilder Evangelist, Kramer's Lean Software

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Michael is a software craftsman dedicated to software quality, technical excellence, end-user experience, and dev/ops processes. He has worked with client/server since 1988, PowerBuilder since 1993, and distributed systems since 1999. Michael is also a hiker, golfer, poetry writer, teacher, and advocate for lean/agile methods.

Photo of Uwe Lappöhn

Uwe Lappöhn

Software Architect, CTS EVENTIM Solutions GmbH

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Uwe Lappöhn has been using PowerBuilder since version 6.5 back to 1999. In his actual position as a software architect, he develops a ticketing system called EVENTIM.Inhouse together with 27 colleagues for a large variety of customers. He is a professional user of the Powerbuilder IDE and has a strong focus on code quality.

Photo of Ronnie Po

Ronnie Po

Founder, Morpheon Corporation

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Ronnie Po is the founder and principal of Morpheon Corporation d/b/a ChartBase Medical Systems, an independent consulting and software development company in Pasadena, California. He is a long-time PowerBuilder and SQL developer specializing in custom line-of-business applications. He received a Laureate Medal in Innovation by IDG’s 2012 Computerworld Honors Program for his work on ChartBase, a specialty medical application developed using PowerBuilder and SQL Anywhere. At the 2011 SAP Tech Ed/Sybase TechWave conference in Las Vegas, his demonstration of an image-mapped query tool was selected as one of seven finalists from a field of over one hundred entries at the annual Demo Jam event, ultimately placing second. In recent years has worked closely with Appeon in testing and showcasing the PowerBuilder and PowerServer products.

Photo of Kevin Ridley

Kevin Ridley

Appeon MVP - Architect/Independent Consultant , MBTA

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Kevin is an independent consultant, currently working for Commonwealth of Massachusetts - MBTA. He has been a PowerBuilder developer and enthusiast since 1995, as well as past and current presenter at Elevate / PowerBuilder conferences. He is a contributor to PowerBuilder Developer's Journal, Appeon Community and even the former PB/PFC list-serv. He has used all versions from PB3 through current, including many EA Server projects. Kevin is proficient in SDLC development and is also Agile/SAFe certified.

Photo of Mike Searer

Mike Searer

Consultant, SBT

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Mike has worked in software development, technical consulting, business consulting, software sales, business management, and, originally, in lawn care. As lawn care does not pay very well, is very sweaty work and caused frequent sneezing fits due to a severe hay fever allergy, Mike gave up his career in lawn care and went to college at the advanced age of 18. There he studied computer science, mathematics, and, reluctantly, accounting. Prior to enrolling, Mike’s father gave him the sage advice to ‘take at least a few accounting courses’ with an implied ‘or else’. Mike, not yet possessing a college education, did not understand what ‘implied’ meant. Mike’s father, despite not being an English professor, was able to help Mike learn the meaning of the word. He accomplished this by withholding much needed ‘walking around money’ until an accounting class was enrolled in. Down to his last six-pack of beer, Mike quickly enrolled into an 8:30AM financial accounting 101 class in order to finance a second wall of empties in his dorm room. Horrified by any class that starts at 8:30 AM, Mike checked with University whether subsequent accounting classes would be in the afternoon. Apparently as part of training accountants to be surly, the university would hold all accounting classes at the ungodly hours of anything before noon. Determined to get back at his father for forcing AM accounting classes on him, Mike slept through most of them, and barely managed to learn that credits are more than just a unit of measure the university uses to tell you how long you have before you have to get a job. After graduating, Mike’s career took a series of turns that began with developing a loan processing system and then with starting a software consulting company. The universe, apparently in cahoots with his father, eventually led Mike to specialize in developing add-ons for an ERP/accounting application. While this was successful for a number of years, Mike found that the accounting/ERP system had many missing features and did not perform as well as it could. As the accounting system was not something Mike had control over, it led to many frustrations. Finally, in a fit of pique with the development company of the ERP/accounting application, Mike told them that they should just sell the f’ing accounting system to his company since they were not doing a good job. Angered by his boorish talk and insolent attitude, the accounting software company got revenge by agreeing. Thus, Mike was forced to finally learn accounting.

Photo of Brian Le Suer

Brian Le Suer

CEO, Zeenyx Software, Inc

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Brian Le Suer is the CEO of Zeenyx Software, a company dedicated to building next generation testing solutions. He is a founding partner of Star Quality, a New England based firm specializing in consulting and training for SQA and automated testing. Brian served as Executive Vice President of R&D for Segue Software, where he built a world class engineering team and played a key role in a successful IPO. His earlier career experience includes various roles as a SQA engineer, technical writer and technical trainer. He regularly contributes presentations and articles for various industry events and publications. He holds a Masters of Computer Science from the University of New Haven and a BA in English Literature from CCSU.

Photo of Filiberto Sosa

Filiberto Sosa

CEO, Sizes and Colors

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Filiberto Sosa has been using PowerBuilder for 26 years since versión PB4. During this time his company developed an ERP System for Chains of Shoes Stores and today more tan 3000 stores run the software on a daily basis. He continues developing some modules of the software because he loves PowerBuilder so much and he likes to spend his free time running.

Photo of Roland Smith

Roland Smith

Software Developer, Jenzabar

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I have been a PowerBuilder developer since version 2. I have 45 free code examples on my website and sell several tools including PBSearch code search tool and WizSource source control. During the day I work on a large secondary education administration application.

Photo of Jeff Wayt

Jeff Wayt

President, IOBar, Inc

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Software development since 1982, PowerBuilder since 1998 Version 6.5 Senior Consultant with Intertech since 2005 From Houston, Texas, USA

Photo of Heino Hellmers

Heino Hellmers

CEO / Gschäftsführer, S&F Datentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

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Heino Hellmers is CEO of S&F Datentechnik, an independent consulting and software development company in Germany with a team of around 45 employees (18 PowerBuilder developers). For more than eight years the company is a Microsoft Competency Partner and also an Oracle Gold Partner. Heino has been using PowerBuilder since version 4 and holds a master's degree (Diplom-Informatiker) in computer science from the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany. He started as a developer and consultant in 1996 and has been a project leader in various projects. He regularly participates in seminars and user group conferences around the world and is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences. Since 2015, he is also second chairman of the PowerBuilder User Group Germany, PBUGG e.V.

Community Presenters

Photo of Gian Luca De Bonis

Gian Luca De Bonis

CEO/CTO, Enable Development OÜ

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Gian Luca De Bonis is an international consultant and IT project manager, that has created several solutions for PowerBuilder, and is consulting customers around the world for Agile methodologies, PowerBuilder, Software Engineering techniques

Photo of George Mikhailovsky

George Mikhailovsky

Principal Systems Analyst, CALIBRE

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I was born in Moscow, Russia in 1945. In 1995 moved to the United States(Virginia) and worked as Programmer and DBA. I have been used PowerBuilder starting from version 3.0 and up to 12.6 Classic. Now I am Principal System Analyst in mid-sized company CALIBRE in Alexandria, Virginia and use PowerBuilder, MS SQLServer, ORACLE, and APEX. Have a wonderful wife Alla, 4 kids, 9 grandkids, and 1 great grandson.

Photo of Zulkifli Machmur

Zulkifli Machmur

Senior Consultant, Freelance

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45 Years old Indonesian Senior PowerBuilder Developer Since PowerSoft Version 5.0 under Window 3.0 with Watcom SQLAnywhere, now more than 7 years being a freelancer on giving solution to end user of many industries or ISVs Company regarding PowerBuilder and Appeon.

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