Known issues with rich-text editor

  1. The new built-in rich-text editor has the following issues or unsupported features:

    • On Windows 10, the column with the rich-text edit style will perform slowly (approximately 6 times slower than before), especially in the Grid or Tabular DataWindow. It is recommended that you use the Freeform DataWindows to avoid this performance issue.

    • On Windows 7 or 10, in the RichText DataWindow, when the title bar is true and the title is empty, the screen will flash if you scroll the mouse to refresh the DataWindow. To avoid this issue, set the title bar to false, or set the title text when the title bar is true.

    • When copying text into the RichTextEdit control, the font used may not be the default font for the RichTextEdit control. PowerBuilder 12.6 has the same issue.

    • At the preview mode, the RichTextEdit control may fail to recognize the fields.

    • If the InsertDocument function specifies the directory without the file name, the PowerBuilder application will crash at runtime.

    • It is unsupported to merge the data of two RichTextEdit controls into the third RichTextEdit control. For example, the following code is unsupported:

      ls_1 = rte_1.CopyRTF ( false )
      ls_2 = rte_2.CopyRTF ( false )
      ls_3 = ls_1 + ls_2
      ris = rte_3.PasteRTF (ls_3)
    • RichTextEdit control has problems in handling the space width of some fixed width fonts such as Courier and Courier New, which causes text not aligned.

    • It may be slow to open a window that contains RichText DataWindows on Windows Server 2008 R2.

    • In DataWindow preview, content of RichTextEdit controls do not scale like other controls do.

    • In printout of DataWindows, RichTextEdit controls show additional unwanted padding on the top depending on the location on the page.

    • CopyRTF function returns an empty string in PowerBuilder 12.6, while returns the richtext format settings in PowerBuilder 2017.

    • SaveDocument will fail if the specified directory contains non-English characters.

    • In printout of RichTextEdit controls, lines or texts may be truncated on the right of the page.

    • SetFont function or setting font via APIs is unsupported.

    • When right-clicking a RichText edit style column in a DataWindow, RButtonUp event is not triggered.

    • When a column loses focus, the list symbols (mainly the customized image) that are aligned to left cannot show completely when under the preview or printout mode.

    • SelectText function supports 98303 as the maximum length. If the length is over 98303, SelectText failed to select any text.

  2. The 2400 SP1, 2400 SP2, and 2400 SP3 of TX Text Control ActiveX X14 do not work with the rich-text edit style columns; it only works with the RichTextEdit control and the RichText DataWindow object. To work with all of them, you should use TX Text Control ActiveX X14 2400.