Integrate with Apache Cordova plugins

To take advantage of Apache Cordova plugins to enhance the features and functionality of an Appeon mobile app, Appeon packages the common Cordova plugins and provides two solutions to call the plugins:

  • Solution 1: Call the PowerScript interfaces that Appeon Cordova PBL provides. The Appeon Cordova PBL provides interfaces that can automatically execute the corresponding JavaScript methods and return the results from JavaScript, therefore, the developer is able to call the Cordova plugins as easily as call a PowerBuilder object, without needing to know the JavaScript language.

  • Solution 2: Call the JavaScript interfaces that Cordova plugins provide. This requires the developer to at least be able to read the JavaScript code in the Cordova plugins. This solution gives the developer most flexibility to use any Cordova plugins that are included in the Appeon product.

For details, refer to Integrate with Cordova Plugins in Workarounds & APIs Guide.