Bug 6541

Github - Echarts example zip download cannot be opened in PB 2019 09 June, 2021

Miguel Leeuwe
05 May, 2021
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Other
Version: 2019 Build: 2703
Classification: Appeon bug Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Status: Closed Reason: FIXED
Logan Liu @Appeon 06 May, 2021
Hi Miguel,

Thank you for your feedback. 

I will close this ticket now.

Miguel Leeuwe 06 May, 2021
Ok, I see the Readme has been modified to include the pb version.
I DOES seem a bit strange to release this in a powerbuilder version which hasn't been released yet.
At this moment there's only a BETA version of 2021.
Ok by me, as I have the beta, but it does call my attention.

BTW: My compliments on the DEMO app, it's a very useful resource for dealing with the eCharts and well coded!
(I do find the passing of EVERYTHING by JSON a bit exaggerated though: A good old structure would suffice in a lot of places. At the same time, it's nice, as it demonstrates the use of Json too).

As far as I'm concerned you can close this ticket.
Logan Liu @Appeon 05 May, 2021
Hi Miguel,

Thank you. We will fix it.

Chris Pollach @Appeon 05 May, 2021
I agree, each PB version dependency should be listed in the documentation for that GitHub project.
Miguel Leeuwe 05 May, 2021
I published a new issue on Github:

I downloaded the Zip file and I tried to open the ws in pb 2017 and 2019.
None of them worked. Chris told me that it opens wel in pb 2021 which is only in Beta at the moment.
It would be nice in which version the zip file has been compiled.
kind regards.
Miguel Leeuwe"
Miguel Leeuwe 05 May, 2021
Ha, I tried pb 2017 and 2019, should have gone one step further.
What's a bit strange it that the version of the code isn't mentioned in the readme on Github.
Thanks, regards.
Chris Pollach @Appeon 05 May, 2021
Hi Miguel;

  Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I downloaded the same GIT project files and too was not able to open any solution (target) in R3. However, I was able to open the solutions in PB2021.

  I will now transfer this ticket over to the main Support / Engineering Team for their review. It seems to me that we should have two downloads. One for PB2019 and the other for PB2021 beta.

Regards ... Chris
Miguel Leeuwe 05 May, 2021
Github - Echarts example zip download cannot be opened in PB 2019.

I already have an older version working, but wanted to get the latest changes.

*Reproduce Steps:
Download zip from https://github.com/Appeon/PowerBuilder-Graph-Example
Try to open with PB2019 R3 latest build 2703

Windows 10
Database Type:
SAP SQL Anywhere
Database Version: