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Bug 638

Set application icon when building .exe with pbc170.exe 17 May, 2018

Yuri Denshchik
10 January, 2018
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Other
Version: 2017 Publishing: Public
Status: Verifying Priority: P4
Classification: Issue Resolution:
Mark Lee 16 January, 2018
Hi Yuri,
Yesterday we used pbc170.exe (in CMD.exe) to automatically build apps with icons on a computer that has no PB installed and it worked fine (see and try the second method mentioned in my last post).
So from this test we can tell that PBC170 is able to build apps with icons if the icons are properly set in Application in PB IDE. 
You may try this out on your side as well.

Actually pbc170.exe is a free tool that automates the build of apps in PB IDE, so its functionalities are actually the same of that in PB IDE. Therefore pbc170.exe will not support any automated build of app with icons if there’s any option for setting icons in Application in PB IDE. And please understand that we do not have any plan to add any additional features (compared to the build functionality in PB IDE) to this PBC currently.
So if what you need is to dynamically specify icons, I am afraid you will need to use your current workaround.

Mark Lee
Yuri Denshchik 15 January, 2018
I have a workaround now to generate application with icon.
1. ORCA Script . 
2. PowerGen
My point is that it is impossible to use pbc170.exe with automated build because .sra file does not contain icon information and/or there is no parameter in pbc170.exe to specify the icon.
Yuri Denshchik 15 January, 2018
This problem is when we try to automate PB App builds. The script generates PBL->PBD&EXE files from the source (*.sr? ) files. 
Mark Lee 15 January, 2018
Hi Yuri,

We understand that.
For “application objet (.sra) does not contain icon information”, it behaves the same in earlier PB versions. And this icon should be included in the current PBL. 

You may try the following: 
1. Set the related path in Application > Icon. 
2. And then use PBC to generate the exe with the icon.
Or alternatively you may also try the following: 
1. Copy the PB source and the icon to a different computer.
2. And then use PBC to generate the exe with the icon. In this way, the icon is still there. Therefore we can tell that the value of this setting is still in the current PB code. You may try to testify this on your end. 
Mark Lee
Yuri Denshchik 12 January, 2018
Hi Mark, 
You're right saying that pbc170 doesn’t have anything to do with icon. It is set on application level. That is true when PBL created manually and icon is set in PB IDE. For automated build we first PBLs by importing *.sr? files. The problem is that application  objet (.sra) does not contain icon information. Please check Roland Smith comment there:
So the actual problem is that source file for application does not store icon information. 
Mark Lee 12 January, 2018
Hi Yuri,

Whether the exe file created by the pbc170.exe has icon or not depends entirely on the application setting for the icon in the IDE. It doesn’t have anything to do with the pbc170 tool itself

1.      Please confirm if you can create the application with the icon successfully when you compile the exe file in PB IDE.
2.      Then, please try to compile with pbc170 and see it successfully creates the application with the icon.
3.      Please check if the icon file set for the application exists on the current computer.
4.      Please provide a sample project that can duplicate the issue for us to analyze.
Thanks in advance!

Mark Lee
Yuri Denshchik 11 January, 2018
Govinda, the syntax you suggested is taken from OrcaScript. What is has to to with calling pbc170.exe ?
Govinda Lopez 10 January, 2018
Hi Yuri,

Have you tried this: 

build executable exeName iconName pbrName pbdflags [machinecode]    [newvstylecontrols] [x64]

Please let us know your comments.

Yuri Denshchik 10 January, 2018
There are two threads in community that describe this issue:
Yuri Denshchik 10 January, 2018
The build generated by calling pbc170.exe creates .exe file without application icon. 
The icon is set in Application -> Addition Parameters. But source file (.sra) file does not contain it.
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