Bug 6242

Cannot Edit nor Edit Source from error list 06 May, 2021

Miguel Leeuwe
09 March, 2021
Product: PowerBuilder Category: IDE
Version: 2021 Beta Build:
Classification: Appeon bug Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Status: Closed Reason: FIXED
Kai Zhao @Appeon 29 April, 2021
Hi Miguel,

Glad to hear that. I will close this ticket! If you have any further question please open a new ticket.

Miguel Leeuwe 29 April, 2021
Hi Zhaokai,

Yes, that's working now!
This ticket can be closed as far as I'm concerned.
Thank you.
Kai Zhao @Appeon 29 April, 2021
Hi Miguel,

Good news that PowerServer 2021 beta (build 1150) is available for download. The issue you reported has been fixed in this release. Please download and install it to verify the issue you reported and let us know if any problems. You can get the installer from our Downloads portal at https://account.appeon.com/download (login required). 

If you are a PowerBuilder CloudPro user, the PowerServer 2021 beta license is automatically added to your account, and you should have received an email today notifying you. If you do not have a PowerBuilder CloudPro license yet, you can apply for a trial after clicking the ‘Download the Beta’ button on https://www.appeon.com/products/powerserver.
We welcome all feedback from you!

Kai Zhao @Appeon 09 March, 2021
Hi Miguel,

Thanks for reporting this problem! We reproduced it on our end and will do further research to figure it out. We will keep you posted about the progress. 

Chris Pollach @Appeon 09 March, 2021
Hi Miguel;

  Ahhh ... yes (Error Pane), OK - I was able to replicate this issue!  

  I will now transfer this ticket over to the main Engineering Team for their review & feedback!

Regards ... Chris
Miguel Leeuwe 09 March, 2021
Hi Chris,
No, not connected to any source control here.
This happens to me, after having done an unsuccessful build and deploy to powerserver and rm clicking on a datawindow in the ERROR list. Maybe that's where it doesn't work. It's not the result of a "search".
Chris Pollach @Appeon 09 March, 2021
Hi Miguel;

  I cannot replicate this issue in my test environment.

  Is this only happening when the objects are under SCC control?

Regards ... Chris
Miguel Leeuwe 09 March, 2021
9c3b4c606cdf7c23b5dbc67c60d1f335.png (32KB)

Contextual menu shows "Edit" and "Edit Source", but nothing happens when using.
See attached image.

*Reproduce Steps:

Windows 10
Database Type:
Database Version: