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Accelerator keys are not working in the Ribbon Bar Control 14 January, 2021

Bhavesh Vyas
02 January, 2021
Product: PowerBuilder Category: PowerBuilder IDE
Version: 2019 R2 Build:
Classification: Enhancement Publishing: Public
Priority: P2
Appeon Product 14 January, 2021
Hi Bhavesh,  


Thank you for submitting the ticket.  

We now acknowledge this ticket to be an enhancement request and will record and track it internally in our enhancement management system. At the same time, we are closing the ticket here because this support system is for handling standard support services but not for maintaining enhancement requests.  

Please note that despite its "Closed" status, you are welcome to come back here and leave further comments or query the relevant development progress on this ticket.  



Amy Feng
Bhavesh Vyas 05 January, 2021
Mark Lee @Appeon 05 January, 2021
Hello Bhavesh,

Thanks for providing the screenshots.
And yes, currently, RibbonBar doesn't support this acceleratory keys function.
I will record it as a new enhancement/requirement request and will transfer it to our product team for consideration.

Mark Lee
Bhavesh Vyas 04 January, 2021
Category_accelerator.jpg (46KB)

Another screen shot of category.

Bhavesh Vyas 04 January, 2021
Panel_items_accelerator.jpg (48KB)

Hello Mark,

Thank you for the quick response. Here I have attached the screen shot of the requirement.

To replicate: Open file explorer in the windows 10 >> Select any of the folder >> Click on the Alter key >> You will be able to see the acceleratory keys for category and panels.

Please let me know incase of any questions or concerns.

Bhavesh Vyas.
Mark Lee @Appeon 04 January, 2021
Hello Bhavesh,

Can you provide screenshots or a video of the functionality you want on other application's ribbonbar so that I can transfer it to our product team as a requirement. Thanks in advance.

Mark Lee
Bhavesh Vyas 04 January, 2021
Hello Mark, 

Thanks for the solution 1, but for the solution 2 there must be an option to set the accelerator keys for Category, large button, small button etc. Because every I have to select the category then need to access the panel item and then I can access the menu item. But I don't want to use the mouse in that case.

Can you please provide these kind of functionality because it is really required and other application's ribbon bar also having these kind of functionality. So please look into it.

Bhavesh Vyas
Mark Lee @Appeon 04 January, 2021
Hi Bhavesh,

Thanks for reporting this problem. 
1. For RibbonMenuItem, the user can assign an accelerator key by typing an ampersand (&) before the letter in the menu item text. For example, &File designates the F in File as an accelerator key. The user can also assign shortcut keys to ribbon menus, see Shortcut for details.
RibbonMenuItem lnv_menuItem
lnv_menuItem.Text ="&Open"
2. For other RibbonBar controls, controls such as RibbonLargeButtonItem, RibbonSmallButtonItem, and RibbonTabButtonItem do not support this setting. But these kinds of controls have Shortcut properties.
The shortcut key is a combination of keys that a user can press to select an item whether or not the item is displayed.
You can refer to the following link for the detail:
RibbonTabButtonItem lr_TabButton
lr_TabButton.Shortcut = "Ctrl+Alt+A"

Mark Lee
Bhavesh Vyas 02 January, 2021
*Phenomenon: Accelerator keys are not working for the ribbon bar control

*Reproduce Steps: Previously in the traditional menu we can use "&" to set any accelerator keys to the menu icon and on click of that key with "Alt" it was calling the menu's clicked event. Now I want to switch to the ribbon bar control but there is no any option to set the accelerator keys in ribbon bar.

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