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Bug 2931

Oralce 18c: Error calling PC with string arrays 11 September, 2019

Michael Doescher
24 June, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Database
Version: 2019 Publishing: Public
Status: Analyzing Priority: P1
Classification: Resolution:
Ken Guo 24 June, 2019
Oracle 12c works

Hi Michael,

I verified your test case with Oracle 12c and it works fine (see attached). Please let us know if it works fine with Oracle 12c on your side too?

For Oracle 18c, PB 2017/2019 doesn’t officially support it yet. I will submit this issue to our development team. They will analyze this issue once it is decided to support Oracle 18c. 

Ken Guo 24 June, 2019
Hi Michael,

I'm working on analyzing your case. I will keep you posted of the results here.

Michael Doescher 24 June, 2019 (136KB)

Hallo Appeon support team,

We use arrays in our remote procedure calls (RPCs) to Orcale.
We seem to have a problem with string arrays in our calls to Oracle 18c and hope you can help us.

*Reproduce Steps:
We have created an example to demonstrate this problem.

To use this example, please install in an Oracle 18c Databank our Package found in the ../sql folder.
If needed to comapre, you can also install it in an Oracle 12c Databank.

Our demo EXE "data_binding.exe" was build with PowerBuilder2019 build 2082 and can be found in the ../exe_PB19_2082 folder.

To test this problem, you must first connect to the Databank using the "DB connect" button.
Only when the connection is successfull are the two Test buttons enabled.
To demontrate that we only have a problem with string arrays, we added a test call with a number array for comparision.

We would be very greatfull if you can check this.

Kind regards
i. A. Michael Döscher
Software Development
IMS GmbH, Germany
Windows 10 
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