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Bug 2722

Powerbuilder app crashing on SaveAs to PBD file type for datawindow with jpg photos 15 May, 2019

Eugene Levin
14 May, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: DataWindow
Version: 2017 R3 Publishing: Public
Status: Reproducing Priority: P3
Classification: Resolution:
Eugene Levin 15 May, 2019
Just tried it on another machine (Windows 10 one) and it works fine. So must be issue on my machine only. Will try it on other Windows  7. But I'm suspecting it only crashes for me (on my laptop).

Thanks for your help Mark
Mark Lee 14 May, 2019
Hi Eugene,

Thanks for the test case.
Unfortunately we still not able to reproduce the issue. 
We did not reproduce it with either datawindow, or changing the image path between relative path and full path.
1. Is this path "R:\347 Kent Street\image9.jpg" a network mapping path? Is it possible to try to change to a local or relative path?
2. Please let us know your operation system and the system language (e.g. 32-bt window 7, English).
3. Please help to confirm if we comprehend it correctly: in PB IDE, when click "Save Rows As", after previewing the two datawindows in turn, one works while the other crashes?
If not, please provide the detailed steps.
4. Is your current PB R3 version number PB R3 Build 1880? If not, we recommend that you upgrade to this LTS version first.
5. Does your current window user have the permission to delete files over the TEMP directory?
If not, please grant the relevant permissions.
Please copy the attached log.ini to the %temp% folder.
Run your PB app and execute SaveAs PDF once.
Usually a log file will be generated in this %temp%, and please send us this log file (%Temp%\Appeon\NativePDF).

Mark Lee
Mark Lee 14 May, 2019
pdf log.ini
Eugene Levin 14 May, 2019
image9.jpg (153KB)

Attached is one of the jpg that is crashes on.
Eugene Levin 14 May, 2019
test.pbl (32KB)

Test.pbl attached. It has two datawindows. Both have one picture object in the header with different jpg files. "Save Rows As" in preview to PDF will work fine for one datawindow (test2) but will crash on another (test, with different jpg file). Both datawindows are set to NativePDF.
Mark Lee 14 May, 2019
Hi Eugene,
Thanks for reporting this problem.
We did not reproduce this issue, And please provide a simple PB case(PBL) to reproduce this issue to us for more study, thanks.

Mark Lee
Eugene Levin 14 May, 2019
Sorry the title should say: Powerbuilder app crashing on SaveAs to PDF for datawindow containing jpg photos (using PB 2017 new feature - NativePDF).
Eugene Levin 14 May, 2019
With PB 2017 new feature of saving datawindow to PDF is causing application to crash when datawindow contains jpgs. But not all for some photos it works fine. And it is not consistent with size either.

The application is a client server app and can only run on the companies network (it is internal app), connecting to companies database. 

Crash debug points to the following location: 

Unhandled exception at 0x0FF86CA4 (PBSHR170.DLL) in PB170.EXE: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x27B27675.

Also when SaveAs to PDF does work the output file size is 7 times bigger than a file created from printing datawindow to PDF using PDF Creator.

If necessary I can build a test app to reproduce the crash.
Windows 7 
Database Type:
Microsoft SQL Server 
Database Version:
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (SP1-CU6) (KB3144524) - 12.0.4449.0 (X64) Apr 13 2016 12:41:07