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Bug 2481

Appeon Debugger: Missing Microsoft Script Debugger 18 March, 2019

Christopher Gonzalez
13 March, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Third Party Software
Version: 2017 R3 Publishing: Public
Status: Closed Priority: P2
Classification: Issue Resolution: FIXED
Zhao Kai 18 March, 2019
Hi Chris,

Glad to hear that. I will close this ticket! If you have any further question please open a new ticket.

Christopher Gonzalez 18 March, 2019
This worked! Thank you for the help.

-Chris G
Zhao Kai 17 March, 2019
script debugger

Hi Christopher;

Please use attached one.

Christopher Gonzalez 15 March, 2019
Hi Zhao Kai,

Thank you for replying, unfortunately I run into the same error as the link Marco posted. These sites are being blocked by my company's internal firewall because they are deemed a security risk. I am looking for a reputable site that I can download this software from, or a potential work around.

Zhao Kai 14 March, 2019
Hi Christopher;

Please try line below or please Google it for more help. Script Debugger.rar 

Chris Pollach 14 March, 2019
Hi Christopher;

  FYI ... Marco's link still works for me. However, I understand your concern about using unverified 3rd party websites for downloading.

  I will now transfer this ticket over to the main Support/Engineering team to see if they have an Appeon or another alternative download URL for you to use.

Regards ... Chris
Christopher Gonzalez 14 March, 2019
Hello Chris,

Thank you for the feedback, unfortunately it looks like Marco's link is no longer available. Also, I am not too comfortable downloading the required software from unverified third party sites on a company computer.
Chris Pollach 13 March, 2019
Hi Christopher;

   Please have a look at this article ...

  Marco's answer should still work

Regards ... Chris
Christopher Gonzalez 13 March, 2019
*Phenomenon: Appeon Debugger cannot run without Microsoft Script Debugger being installed

*Reproduce Steps: I have made sure that "Disable Script Debugging (IE and Other)" are both unchecked in Internet Explorer. When I attempted to launch the debugger, I get the error message "03513 Please install the Microsoft script debugger."

Remarks: Unfortunately, Microsoft Script Debugger is not available on Microsoft's website anymore. I was wondering what alternative I could install to replace it, or if there is another solution available to run the Appeon Debugger without the script debugger.
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