Bug 2061

Selected Rows and Themes 30 March, 2021

René Ullrich
04 January, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: DataWindow
Version: 2019 Beta Build:
Classification: Appeon bug Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Status: Scheduling Reason:
Ken Guo @Appeon 14 June, 2019
Hi René,

The first issue is not related to the theme, but rather a legacy PB issue. I will submit it as a new bug to the development team. However, they may not be able to handle it at this moment. 

René Ullrich 14 June, 2019
Hi Ken,

problem with button without a theme (Screenshot 1) was NOT fixed.

Problem with the theme (Screenshot 2) is now OK.
Ken Guo @Appeon 14 June, 2019
Hi René,

Appeon PowerBuilder 2019 GA is officially released and available for downloading. The issue in this ticket is fixed in this new release. You can get the installer from our portal using this link to verify if it resolves the issue on your side: https://www.appeon.com/user/center/index?menu=download 

Ken Guo @Appeon 05 January, 2019
Hi René,

Thanks for reporting this problem! We reproduced it on our end and will do further research to figure it out. We will keep you posted about the progress.

Chris Pollach @Appeon 04 January, 2019
Hi  René;

  Thank you for the feedback on your experience with the new Themes feature. We'll pass this by Engineering for a more formal review.

Thanks for taking the time to beta test!

Regards ... Chris
René Ullrich 04 January, 2019
screenshots.zip (12KB)

I have a tabular (or freeform) datawindow that contains columns, buttons, computed fields and text.
I select on row using function Selectrow.

No theme:
Text of all columns, buttons, computed fields and text changed to white for selected row. On button this is bad readable. (see screenshot 1)

A theme specified:
The text object changed to white for selected row but all other objects doesn't change the color.
So if theme is "Flat Design Blue" the text on selected row is bad readable. (see screenshot 2)
Windows 7
Database Type:
Database Version: