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Bug 1044

RTE Textcontrol loses changes when losing focus 17 May, 2018

Martin Eberle
24 April, 2018
Product: PowerBuilder Category: DataWindow
Version: 2017 R2 Publishing: Public
Status: Closed Priority: P3
Classification: Issue Resolution: FIXED
Mark Lee 17 May, 2018
Hi Martin & Axel,

Thanks for share the information and glad it to it resolved.
So we will close this ticket!
If you have any further question, please open a new ticket!

Mark Lee
Martin Eberle 17 May, 2018
TX24-dll-properties differences.png (24KB)

Martin Eberle 17 May, 2018
TX24-dll-properties differences.png (24KB)

Martin Eberle 17 May, 2018
Hi Mark, here comes Axel's Response:
Hello Mark!

Congratulations ... you found the needle in the haystack!

The dll-versions are different (24.0.2400.500 to 24.0.2402.500)
And - Hooray - with version 24.0.2400.500 that you sent to us, the control works as desired.
Now we’ve got to clear the version disaster with Text Control GmbH

Thanks for Your support!
Axel Bauer

We now have to get the right Version from TextControl GmbH

Mark Lee 17 May, 2018
Hi Martin,

   1. We did not reproduce it on the test environment that is same as yours.  
   2. Could please help to double check the detailed TX X14 version number as that attached? You may check tx24.dll file in the bin folder under the installation directory.

   3. Please try to replace the tx24.dll in the above mentioned folder with attached tx24.dll, restart your PC and try again and see if it works.
   4. If it still does not resolve the problem, lets schedule a remote session to debug it next Tuesday (that would be next Monday in your time)?

We would recommend you to make the remote session during our working time which is 9:00 ~ 17:00 (we are in UTC+8 ) thus we can get the immediate help from the other team if necessary. 
Please let us know when you can make the session and which tool you'd like to use for this session.(teamviewer or gotomeeting)
Mark Lee
Mark Lee 17 May, 2018
tx24 dll
Mark Lee 17 May, 2018
te version
Martin Eberle 16 May, 2018
TxTextControl_unwanted_effects.mp4 (1335KB)

After installing a licenced version of "TX TextControl X14" the problems with
editing RTE-fields in PowerBuilder remain the same!

OS: WIN-10, 64Bit
What I did:
- Removed the trial-version by uninstalling
- Rebooted the computer
- Installed the "TX TextControl X14 professional edition"
- Rebooted the computer

What and how I tested:
After several unsuccessful tests with the "preview" of a datawindow in the IDE I decided
to use a productive GELITA Application for testing.

Final scenario:
- PB, Application, "Additional Properties": Switch to "Built-in Rich Edit Control"
- Save the Application
- Full Build
- Close PowerBuilder
- Reopen PowerBuilder
- Application, "Additional Properties": Switch to "TX TextControl X14"
- Save the Application
- Full Build
- Close PowerBuilder
- Reopen PowerBuilder
- Run the Application 
a) In IDE
b) The executable

Neither in the IDE nor in the executable the RTE-control works as needed!
The property bar offers no font attributes, the changed text disappears when loosing focus
and no data is put to the change buffer.
I attached a video showing these puzzling effects.
I used a GELITA application as example - just focus on the behaviour of the RTE-fields.

We use the RTE-Control for creating product labels, bills and working papers.
By including the "TX TextControl X14" we were able to solve the formatting-problems 
of the "Built-in Rich Edit Control" from PB17.
But now we face another problem of data input.
The implemention of the TX TextControl in PB17 does not work the same as in PB12.6!
Did I something wrong or left out a necessary step or option?

Kind regards
Martin Eberle 16 May, 2018
Hi Mark,

I regret to say, that even with the professional, paid version of TextControl X14 we see the same issues. We will follow up with further details immediately. Please keep this open!

Kind regards
Mark Lee 16 May, 2018
Hi Martin,

Please comfirm if the issue is as what I described in the previous comment. If it is, I would like to close this ticket. Thanks!


Mark Lee
Mark Lee 28 April, 2018
Hi Axel,
This is probably caused by that you are on a trial version. There’re problems with the trial version of TX Text Control ActiveX X14 as well (to be exact, the trial license verification causes this problem). We apologize that we missed it out from our last post. We’ll update this into the known issue as well later.
So only the paid version of TX Text Control ActiveX X14 (Professional or Enterprise edition) is supported. 
We have several other customer who experienced the same issue on the trial version and no issue any longer when switched to the paid version (of TX Text Control ActiveX X14 (Professional or Enterprise edition)).
Mark Lee


Hello Mark and Martin!
My name is Axel Bauer and I’m a fellow worker of Martin at GELITA.
As Martin has a few days holiday, I’m answering Your questions.
For I don’t have access to the bugtracker, I chose to mail to You directly.
I used these program versions:
- PB 2017 R2 Built 1769
- TX Text Control ActiveX X14 Professional/Enterprise (30-day licenced trial version)
This issue not only appears in preview mode, the compiled program behaves the same.
It was just easier to show this problem in the developer environment.
Kind regards
Mark Lee 25 April, 2018
display toolbar
Mark Lee 25 April, 2018
Hi Martin,
We did not reproduce this issue on our side and we found that your toolar is disabled in preview mode.
Could please let us know the TX version? Is it TX 2400?
Please note that only TX Text Control ActiveX X14 (Professional or Enterprise edition) is supported by PowerBuilder 2017 and later; Standard edition is not supported.
So if you are not on supported version, please change it to a version/edition that is supported in PowerBuilder 2017 or R2 and see if it works.
You may find the known issues from the link below.
You may refer to PB help for why Appeon chose the specific version to be support in Appeon 2017 or R2 from PowerBuilder Help ----Users Guide----Working with DataWindows----
Displaying and Validating Data---Defining edit styles ---The RichText edit style.
You may also refer to the help for the richtext differences from PowerBuilder Help ----Application Techniques----Data Access Techniques----Implementing Rich Text-----Using rich text in an application----Selecting a rich text editor.

Mark Lee
Govinda Lopez 24 April, 2018
Hi Martin,

I will transfer it to our Engineering team for further analysis. We will keep you posted of the results here.

Martin Eberle 24 April, 2018 (632KB)

We use the third party RTE Textcontrol - the X14 version which works with Powerbuilder. We are able to retrieve database content into the control. We are able to apply changes to the control, but when we step out of the RTE control, all changes are lost. Subsequently, it is not possible to save the changes to the database. We found this behaviour in PB2017 and in PB2017 R2 #1769 MR01.

*Reproduce Steps:
Please have a look into the attached ZIP file. There you can find a video clip, showing the behaviour in our test application. (Note: We chose to hide the X14 serial number.) The test application itself can be found in the PBL we supplied in the subfolder. Please register the X14 control and have a try.

The vendor of the X14 control does not offer any support for using the Control in Powerbuilder.
Windows 10 
Database Type:
Database Version: