About PowerBuilder extensions

The PowerBuilder Native Interface (PBNI) is a standard programming interface that enables developers to extend the functionality of PowerBuilder. A PowerBuilder extension can be provided by Appeon, by you, or by a third party.

This book provides reference information for extensions provided by Appeon. In PowerBuilder, these extensions are for Enterprise JavaBeans clients, the PowerBuilder Document Object Model (PBDOM), SOAP clients for Web services, and the UDDIProxy class. Embedding these features in separate extension files instead of adding them to the core PowerBuilder runtime files helps keep the footprint of deployed applications as small as possible.

For information about building your own extensions, see PowerBuilder Native Interface Programmers Guide and Reference.

To find out about extensions provided by other developers, check the PBNI section of the PowerBuilder Code Samples Web site at https://www.appeon.com/developers/library/code-samples-for-pb.