Editions and components

Appeon PowerServer 2017 provides the following editions for the Unix/Linux platform.

Table 2. Appeon editions





Enterprise Edition

IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP Unix, RedHat Linux
  • PowerServer Mobile & PowerServer Web

  • Appeon Workspace (for Mobile only)

1) PowerServer Toolkit and PowerServer Help are not provided.

2) The PowerServer clustering service is provided in Enterprise Edition only.

Workgroup Edition

IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP Unix, RedHat Linux
  • PowerServer Mobile & PowerServer Web

  • Appeon Workspace (for Mobile only)

PowerServer Toolkit and PowerServer Help are not provided.

PowerServer Mobile/Web

PowerServer Mobile/Web is a set of server components that is deployed to the application server. It provides the Appeon applications with necessary run-time services such as data connectivity, DataWindow support, transaction management, and security.

PowerServer also includes AEM and PowerServer Web Component.

AEM is the management console for PowerServer and the deployed applications. When you install PowerServer, AEM is automatically installed.

During the PowerServer Mobile/Web installation, the PowerServer Web Component is automatically installed to the WebSphere HTTP Server, therefore, if you are using one WebSphere as both the Web server and the application server, you will NOT need to run the PowerServer Web Component installation.

PowerServer Web Component

PowerServer Web Component is installed with PowerServer Web/Mobile automatically as aforementioned.

PowerServer Web Component resides in the Web server. It consists of the Web server redirector plug-in (that dispatches the user requests to the PowerServer) and a set of runtime libraries for the Web application (that supports the PowerBuilder-style UI in the Web browser).

If you use a third-party Web server (such as Apache or IIS) and/or physically separate the Web server and the PowerServer, for example, for load balancing purpose, you will need to install PowerServer Web Component to the Web server and configure the Web server with the redirector plug-in. For detailed instructions on configuring the Web server, refer to Web Server Configuration Guide.

Appeon Workspace (for Mobile only)

Appeon Workspace is installed on the mobile device to help simplify the distribution and installation of the native mobile app. It consists of a set of mobile client libraries and a graphical user interface. The mobile client libraries generate the mobile-style UI, support the PowerScript and UI logic, provide interfaces for calling the mobile SDK, and support accessing the client/offline database and running the offline mobile application. The graphical user interface allows end users to install and run the mobile application from PowerServer conveniently, so developers do not need to register their mobile applications in the online application store, and the end users do not need to install them from there.

Appeon Workspace is distributed as a native mobile app thru the online app stores (such as Apple App Store, Google Play) or over-the-air, and it is also automatically included when you package and compile the Appeon mobile application as the iOS application archive (IPA) file or Android application package (APK) file.