PowerServer 2017 (on Windows) consists of the following major components: PowerServer Toolkit, PowerServer Mobile & PowerServer Web, PowerServer Help, and Appeon Workspace.

Table 3. Appeon components



Installed on

PowerServer Toolkit

A plug-in to the PowerBuilder IDE installed to the developer's PC.


Starting from version 2017, PowerServer Toolkit is only available in PowerServer (PB edition) which can be installed from the PowerBuilder Universal Edition installation package.

PowerBuilder on Windows operating system.

PowerServer Mobile & PowerServer Web

A set of server components deployed to the application server providing runtime services for the application, such as data connectivity, DataWindows support, transaction management, and security.

PowerServer also includes AEM and PowerServer Web Component.

WildFly or JBoss EAP on Windows operating system.

PowerServer Help

The compiled HTML help of all Appeon user documents which saves time and conveniently places the help information at your fingertips.

Windows operating system.

Appeon Workspace (for Mobile only)

A native mobile application installed on the mobile device to simplify distributing, downloading, and running the Appeon mobile applications.

Mobile Device.