Appeon Server Monitor is a small program installed along with Appeon Server, which contains four monitors: server state monitor, CPU usage monitor, memory usage monitor, and recycle monitor.

  • Server state monitor automatically backs up Appeon Server session information, monitors if Appeon Server is in "running" status, and in the event that Appeon Server shuts down it automatically restarts Appeon Server and recovers the runtime information.

  • CPU usage monitor and memory usage monitor detect the server resource usage, if the usage reaches the peak, they automatically back up Appeon Server session information, restart Appeon Server, and restore the session information.

  • Recycle monitor automatically restarts Appeon Server periodically.

The monitor backs up Appeon Server session information that includes:

  • User authentication information

  • References to Appeon Server transaction components

The monitor does not back up:

  • Information being processed in active transaction

Important note: to ensure the monitor runs successfully:

  1. The version of Appeon Server Monitor must be the same as the version of Appeon Server.

  2. Appeon Server's license must be Enterprise Edition.