Uninstalling Appeon Server

Step 1: Shut down Appeon Server and WebLogic Server.

Step 2: Select Windows Start menu | Programs | Appeon for PowerBuilder 2013 R2 | Appeon Server for WebLogic | Uninstall Appeon Server to begin the uninstall process.

Step 3: Choose Remove to delete all installed features. Click Next.

Figure 59. Repair or remove Appeon Server

Repair or remove Appeon Server

Step 4: Click OK to confirm the removal of Appeon Server.

Figure 60. Confirm uninstall

Confirm uninstall

Step 5: Wait until Appeon Server is completely uninstalled.

Step 6: Click Finish to exit.

Figure 61. Appeon Server uninstall complete

Appeon Server uninstall complete

Step 7: After the uninstall process is complete, remove any files or folders left in the Appeon Server installation folder.